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Olympic Peninsula Saltwater Fishing

The Olympic Peninsula is famous for world-class saltwater fishing.  Neah Bay, located on Washington's North Coast, offers guided fishing trips for Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish, and Lingcod.  Fish the scenic Olympic Peninsula with Topwater Charters, Inc.

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Topwater Charters is based on the Olympic Peninsula, which is located on Washington's North Coast.  We offer guided fishing trips in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean for Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish and Lingcod.  Neah Bay offers the finest saltwater fishing opportunities in Washington State.  We specialize in numerous fishing methods to maximize your charter fishing experience on the Olympic Peninsula.  Do you want to try something besides trolling for salmon?  Topwater Charters' expertise in fly fishing and mooching is just the ticket for those wanting new fishing challenges and options.  For halibut and bottomfish trips, we specialize in smaller parties than most other charters in Washington State. 

Neah Bay is the place for halibut fishing on the Olympic Peninsula.  We specialize in smaller parties when chartering for halibut at Neah Bay.  Neah Bay is the number one port in Washington State for Halibut fishing.  Halibut limits are expected at Neah Bay.  Neah Bay also is located close to Canada, which allows us to fish for Canadian Halibut (British Columbia off Vancouver Island) when the Washington State Halibut season is closed.  Click Here to learn more about the Olympic Peninsula's finest halibut fishing.

The Saltwater areas along Washington's North Coast are loaded with abundant stocks of Chinook salmon and Coho salmon.  Topwater Charters specializes in guided fishing trips mooching cut-plug herring for Chinook salmon and saltwater fly fishing for Coho Salmon.  We believe salmon fishing should be done with the fishing rod in your hand, not a rod holder, which is why we choose to mooch cut-plug herring and fly fishing for saltwater salmon (Chinook, Coho, and Pinks).  Click Here for Olympic Peninsula Chinook and Coho Salmon information.

Besides Fantastic Halibut and Salmon fishing, the Olympic Peninsula has incredible Rockfish and Lingcod fishing.  The rugged shoreline of Washington's North Coast are home to schools of Black Rockfish and toothy Lingcod.  This is fast and furious fishing once we find the schools of bottomfish.  Click Here for information about Neah Bay Rockfish and Lingcod fishing.

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