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Home Phone Service with Z-Tel

    Home phone service from Z-Tel offers alternative phone service as well as establishing new home phone service.  There is a variety of Local and Long Distance Plans to fit your personal needs. Each Plan comes with many of the current calling features you would expect from your local provider.  Transfer of Service is seamless, you receive one easy to read monthly bill and receive up to 20% or more savings compared to other providers. With Z-Tel, you can call across the street or across the country as much as you like without watching the clock.

Z-LineHOME Unlimited - Home Phone Service with Unlimited local & nationwide long distance for your home, PVA included. Free Long Distance to Anywhere in the Country starting at $ 49.99 per month. (vary from state to state.)

Z-LineHOME Select - Unlimited local and 50 mins of nationwide long distance for your home, PVA included. Starting at $ 29.99 per month.

Z-LineHOME Basic - Unlimited local service for your home, PVA included. No Long Distance Service. Starting at .99 per month.

Z-LineLONG DISTANCE -  Long distance service for your home with PVA included. $ 4.95 per month and 4.9 cents per minute for state-to-state calls. In-state rates vary by state.

Z-LineLONG DISTANCE 500 - 500 minutes long distance minutes for your home per month. Additional state-to-state calls are 4.9 cents per min. In-state rates vary by state.

Z-Line800 - Your own 800 number with PVA included with home phone service.

Z-Line PVA - Personal Voice Assistant featuring "virtual" address book, voice emails, voice dialing & more.  6.9 cents per min. per PVA call & 2.9 cents per minute per Telemail call. You need not switch your phone service to purchase PVA as a stand-alone. Try PVA for Free. Free Trial Includes 30 Minutes of Long Distance. No Need to switch your Home Phone Service.


     Home Phone Service with Z-Tel, has great international calling rates as well.  Residential Customers who call internationally once in awhile, standard rates apply. Customers who call frequently internationally can choose from one of our PVA International Calling plans, pay a low monthly fee and get much better rates. We have 7 PVA International Regional calling plans and one PVA International World calling plan that allows customers to reduce the rates to countries called by an average of 66%!

     Customers can purchase one of the regional plans that contains the country or countries they call most or if they call many countries throughout the world purchasing the PVA World plan may be the best option. For residential callers interested in great rates to Canada there is no longer a per minute rate charge with the new PVA North America and PVA World Calling plans.

     Each service comes with call waiting, call return, caller ID & many more you currently have with your current service. No charge to switch and you keep your same phone number.  Refer friends & family and receive $ 20.00 off your bill with no limit.


Click Here To Transfer Your Current Home Phone Service to Z-Tel or Purchase PVA


Questions? Visit Here:

Home Phone Service Z-Tel FAQ

Home Phone Service - Z-Tel
Need to Establish New Service?

Please email with your area code and exchange (XXX-XXX-0000), to determine availability in your area. Please do not place your order online.




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