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This site has been designed to help you find the best florists, in the quickest time possible, without the need of going to hundreds of shops. You will also find recommendations and advice on many different aspects of flowers. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Choosing A Florist

Word of mouth is often the best resource when looking for a florist. An outstanding florist will have a good reputation in your community. If you use a telephone book or directory assistance to find a florist, look for one with a local address. If you choose a national service with a toll-free number, pick an established organization with a strong reputation for providing great service. For those looking for a florist, here are some recommendations:

-Good florists ask questions about what you're looking for, offer expert advice and suggest floral gifts to match any sentiment, occasion, personality or home decor.

-Look for artistry in the florist’s arrangements, design and presentation.

-Choose a florist who will get to know you, keep track of your floral preferences and send reminders of upcoming special occasions.

-Look for convenient hours, easy-access location and a satisfaction guarantee.

-From the familiar rose to exotic tropicals, a great shop carries a complete menu of flowers and plants to choose from.

Florists who belong to professional groups are committed to being the best in their field. Look for affiliation with national wire services (FTD, Teleflora), national trade associations like the Society of American Florists, state and local trade associations, and local community and civic organizations.

Planning the flowers for Parties

Deciding on a theme is a good starting point. Determine how many guests you plan to have and how, or if, they will be seated. Look at your space and decide where you think flowers could be displayed for maximum impact. Set a budget, communicate your ideas to your florist and ask for suggestions on flower varieties and styles of arrangements. Clip pictures from magazines for ideas.

Most importantly, get your florist involved from the very beginning. You might want to ask him or her to come and look at where you plan to have your party - he or she can give expert advice and creative ideas on how to make the most of your budget and your decorations.

If possible, ask your florist to deliver your party flowers the day of the event. Follow these tips to ensure maximum enjoyment:

-Always select the freshest floral products that will work best in your environment. Keep your flowers as cool as possible, but never below 35 degrees. Keep them away from drafts and sunlight and away from appliances or equipment that generate heat.

-Never store fruit and flowers together. Fruit puts off ethylene gas, which can cause some flowers to wilt.

-If the flowers are delivered the day before your party, hold in moisture by misting the flowers with a spray bottle and cover lightly with a thin plastic bag or dry cleaner bag.

Flower Decorating on a Budget

Absolutely! Your florist can make suggestions to maximize your budget. Let him or her offer suggestions about where your floral dollars can make the most impact. Ask about seasonal flowers that might be in abundance and available at a good price (for example, roses are a great bargain in the summer). Find out if your florist has props or linens to rent - this will cut down on the expense of you having to buy them.

Flowers that Last Longer

Many people decorate the day before a party to avoid last minute rushes and to give attention to details that may be overlooked in a hurry. If you put the party flowers in place the day before the event, be sure to water every arrangement until the water reaches the top of the container. To keep your flowers moist, mist the flowers with a spray bottle and cover them very loosely with a single layer of thin plastic (i.e. a dry cleaner bag). Ask your florist if any of the flowers in your arrangements need special care. Never place flowers in the sun or a hot place the day before your party.

Petal Pushers: Is Your 'Local' Florist Really Long-Distance?
Flowers are a great way to celebrate a birthday, cheer up a sick friend, or simply brighten someone’s day. Your local florist is just a phone call away, or so you think. Some unscrupulous telemarketing firms are posing as local florists, charging you higher fees and taking business away from legitimate florists in your town.

Here’s how the deception works. A telemarketer takes out a bogus listing in the white pages of your telephone directory. The company may use your town’s name in its own to make you believe it’s local. Or, the name of a legitimate local florist may be listed with a different local phone number. For example, Greenville Florists.

When you call, you’re unknowingly forwarded to an out-of-town telemarketing operation. The telemarketer takes your order and credit card information for payment, and forwards your order to an area florist. The telemarketer pockets a processing fee and usually a percentage of the sale as well. You don’t realize you’ve been scammed until you get higher than expected charges from an out-of town company on your credit card statement, or learn that the flowers weren’t delivered as ordered, or were never delivered at all.

Caution: Follow these tips before you order your next pot of posies:

-Ask neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations.

-Deal only with shops that list a street address with their phone number. If you’re asking directory assistance for a number, also ask for the street number and address. If there isn’t one, consider doing business with another florist.

-Check out the florist you’re considering with the local Better Business Bureau and consumer protection officials in your area. Or, if you’re ordering flowers from a local shop in another city or state, contact the consumer protection officials there. Ask if they have any unresolved consumer complaints on file. Also ask them to verify the street address.

-Ask the florist to itemize the charges. In addition to the price of the arrangement, most florists charge a delivery fee and taxes if you live in the same state.

-Ask the florist for directions to the shop. If they hesitate or refuse, consider this a red flag, and avoid doing business with the florist.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed
If you placed an order through a wire service, a toll-free number, or a local florist, call the toll-free number of the florist and describe the problem. Many wire services will work with the filling florist to fix the problem or refund your money.

If your arrangement was never delivered, and you paid by credit card, you can dispute the charges with the card issuer.

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