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Warsaw Hotel
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Warsaw Apartments, Accommodation in Poland, Warsaw Hotels

Are you looking for a hotels? Try City Warsaw Apartments located in The Old town and City Center. One night only 33 € if you stay in our Warsaw apartments!

warsaw apartments

Warsaw Apartments in Warsaw's centre and Old Town!

       We rent apartments in Warsaw's city centre and in the charming Old Town. All our Warsaw apartments are fully equipped. You can find there everything you need, and more than in a warsaw hotels rooms. We offer you the best opportunity to stay in Warsaw in our Warsaw apartments in much greater comfort than at the Warsaw hotels.

Warsaw Apartments - cheap and comfortable Warsaw hotels

Comfortable and inexpensive warsaw apartments are located in Warsaw's nicest areas. In our Warsaw apartments at your disposal are: kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, cable tv, the telephone, towels, linen, soap. You will get a big apartment instead of a small hotel room. Apartments in Warsaw. Please try our warsaw apartments. We offer regular discounts and support.

Warsaw apartments and apartments in Warsaw - prices and local customer support. Warsaw City Apartments.

Warsaw City Apartments, Nowowiejska 1/3,
ph. +48 22 875 85 60, fax +48 22 875 85 59

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warsaw apartments