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Updated 11/07/2002

Sample Postcard
I-Kiribati Dancers Sunset, Bairiki, Tarawa
I-Kiribati girl Beach Hut on lagoon
Heralding the dawn of the new millennium, Millenium Island Male dancers, Independence Day celebrations
Female dancers, Independence Day celebrations Kiribati beach scene
Christmas Island from the Space Shuttle Onotoa from the Space Shuttle
Lagoon scene, Kiribati Sunset at Christmas Island

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Abaiang Abaokoro Abemama
Aranuka Arorae Banaba
Bairiki Beru Betio
Butaritari Christmas Is. Fanning
Kanton Is. Kuria Maiana
Makin Is. Marakei Millennium Is.
Nikunau Nonouti Onotoa
Tamana Tabiteuea  

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