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The following photographs, taken by the Royal Air Force photographic section, have been kindly provided by Ian Green who arrived on Christmas Island, Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati, in November, 1956. Ian Green was involved in building workshops and offices on the Royal Air Force Technical Site, unpacking equipment, and generally preparing for the arrival of the Valiant, Canberra, Shackleton, and DC4 (Dakota) squadrons.

A Valiant aircraft in the AWRE compound where the hydrogen bombs were loaded
onto the aircraft. The second aircraft was "a reserve" in case something went wrong.
Images of airplanes were taken on Christmas Island,
Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati, during Operation Grapple, 1957
Photos: Courtesy of Ian Green

Christmas Island Gallery


For the aircraft enthusiasts, Gatwick Aviation Museum in England, has a unique collection of British aircraft from the "golden age" of British aircraft manufacture. From the end of WWII until the 1970s British aircraft designers produced some of the most innovative and advanced aircraft of the day. In this collection, there are examples from the major manufacturers of this period. Amongst the list are classic names, English Electric, Avro, de Havilland, Hawker, Fairey, Blackburn and Percival.

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