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A very successful Independence celebration was held at Browns Plains, a southern suburb of Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday, 2nd October 1999. The actual Tuvalu Independence Day was 1st October.

The location was an ideal setting for such an occasion.  The Presbyterian Church of Browns Plains is a modern building located on a rolling acreage allowing plenty of room for children to run and play and for the adults to dance and sing their hearts out without disturbing the neighbours.

The day was very well organized with an abundance of delicious Tuvaluan cuisine followed by dancing (fatele), singing and entertainment. The occasion was well attended by local and interstate Tuvaluan people, families and friends with the ladies looking stunning in their traditional Tuvaluan costumes. 

The occasion was a great success and was enjoyed by one and all.  

I have extracted some images from the video tape of this event and I do hope that you derive enjoyment from viewing them and sharing with us this special occasion.

Images of Independence Celebrations in Brisbane, Australia
Saturday, 2nd October 1999.



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Images of Tuvalu Dancing (Fatele).

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Tuvalu, my Tuvalu the land across the sea
Surrounded by the Ocean, you mean so much to me
I miss this coral atoll with gentle swaying palms
With smiling gentle people, so peaceful and so calm.

Tuvalu, my Tuvalu I always think of you
Wherever I may travel across the sea so blue
And deep inside me I know that it will be
Tuvalu, my Tuvalu you always think of me.

Your sons and daughters travel away to distant lands
They leave their homes and families so that they will understand
To study truth and knowledge in sadness and in pain, and then
Tuvalu, my Tuvalu you welcome them home again.

Tuvalu, my Tuvalu may God’s blessings be on you
To give you strength and courage to see the future through
And may our blessed people hold their heads up high
Tuvalu, my Tuvalu I will love you till I die.

                                               Jane Resture

By Jane Resture
(E-mail: - Rev. 16th September 2002)