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A small volcanic island, rugged in appearance rising to 330m, it is situated in the Pacific Ocean roughly mid-way between Panama and New Zealand, east south east of Tahiti. Even at Bounty Bay, the only landing place, access to Pitcairn Island from the sea is difficult.

View of Pitcairn Island, 1930

Adamstown, Pitcairn Island

Archaeological remains prove the island was inhabited by Polynesians some 600 years ago. Fletcher Christian and eight of the Bounty mutineers accompanied by twelve Tahitian women and six men made it their home in 1790.

Pitcairn Islanders c. 1920

Pitcairn Island stamps

Carved flying fish, Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Islanders, 1930

Pitcairn Island school, 1930

The island was abandoned in 1856 for Norfolk Island, however, 43 Pitcairn Islanders found their way back and since then the island has been permanently settled. The population is now some 50 people.

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Pitcairn is under the British High Commissioner in New Zealand who is Governor of Pitcairn and neighbouring Henderson, Ducie and Oeno islands.

First Day Cover, Pitcairn Island

Access is only by sea and anyone wishing to land must obtain a licence which is valid for six months.

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The only houses are owned by families, and there are no hotels or guest houses. Accommodation with one of the families can be arranged for visitors by applying to the island magistrate. All roads are dirt and transport is by motorcycle or on foot.

Most of the inhabitants are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church so there is no tobacco smoking or consumption of  liquor. Gardening and fishing are an important part of tropical and sub-tropical crops for local consumption.

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