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The dawn of the new millennium of the year 2000 was first experienced by the people of the Pacific Island nation of the Republic of Kiribati. To celebrate the occasion, a group of the country's elite dancers, singers and choir, accompanied by President Teburoro Tito of the Republic of Kiribati, along with logistical support people, went to Millennium Island (formerly Caroline Island) to commemorate this special occasion.

The group was drawn from the best entertainers from each of the islands in the Kiribati Group. They were accompanied by media organizations whose responsibility it was to bring their performance to the world.

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The arrival of the boat bringing
President Tito to Millennium Island.

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The passing of the torch from the Old to the New.

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The arrival of President Tito on Millennium Island.

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The choir.

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The chant.

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The chanters!

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