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The following are part of a rare collection of World War II images of Nanumea, Tuvalu. What makes these forty-four photographs so interesting and valuable is that the names of the Tuvaluan people have been inserted on the back of each photograph. The full collection of photographs was rescued by a concerned United States citizen who kindly made them available to be shared and enjoyed by everybody. Further parts of the collection will be made available on this Web site shortly.


Nanumea ladies in traditional costumes
photographed 2nd December, 1943, Lakena, Nanumea

Front row, left to right: Joshua, Teala, Mafoa, Lisepa, Mativa, Pinoka
Back row, left to right: Mafalu, Tufue, Kaosila, Lisa
26th October, 1943

Lt. (j.g.) Stafseth in duck with local children,
Lakena, Nanumea

Local girls, Lakena, Nanumea:
Standing left to right: Tiao and Tufaina
Sitting: Iulia (sister to Kaosila)

An aerial photograph of Lakena village
 taken 29th November, 1943

 Saupo Malesa and family at Lakena, Nanumea
Adults, left to right: Tevai (young); Agoago, Saupo and Tekaile

Kaosila, Lakena, Nanumea, 15th Oct. 1943

Father and son photographed 14th October, 1943

Children on beach bidding 'Tofa' (Goodbye)
to Medical Party, Lakena, Nanumea

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