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The images on this page are from the Kiribati dancing and singing performed by the staff of Telecommunications Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL), Bairiki, Tarawa, on 29th May 1999.

The occasion was the opening of the new TSKL Eastwood Maneaba combined with the annual staff awards presentation.

The dancers and singers comprised two teams - Betiraoi and Bonnano - which competed in front of President and Madam Tito along with distinguished guests. The competition was won by the Betiraoi team. Dancers and Singers from TSKL subsequently went on to win the annual Inter-Ministries Dancing and Singing competition held in conjunction with the Kiribati 20th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

Telecommunications Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL) has been very successful in the Inter-Ministries Dancing and Singing competition, dominating the event each year since 1996! Congratulations TSKL!  


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