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Tanna Island is famous for its volcano, its wild horses, its custom villages and the cargo colts that have grown up there.

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Day trips are available from Port Vila, but it is wise to stay overnight as there are plenty of attractions. A night trip to the crater edge of mighty Yasur Volcano is an experience you won't easily forget.

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Also, visit the White Grass Plains, home of the wild horses and go to the custom village to experience the age old village culture, where people still dress and live in traditional ways.


The largest and oldest island in the group, with the greatest range of natural sights, Espiritu Santo is a true romantic island and a great place for diving.

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  You can visit the President Coolidge, the largest intact shipwreck accessible to scuba divers in the world, the destroyer US Tucker lying outside the channel and Million Dollar Points, the place where war surplus equipment was dumped.

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See a large experimental plantation and farm, stay in Melanesian's style bungalows, refresh yourself in a natural pool, and go to famous Champagne Beach in the north.


Only on Pentecost island you can see the mind-boggling land dives.       


There is minimal visitor accommodation, so you can either do a weekend package or a day trip.

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As many as 25 jumps may be performed in a day from one tower and as the height of the jumps increases, so does the tempo of the traditional men and women dancing and chanting alongside. It is an experience you will always remember.

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This annual event occurs every Saturday and some other weekdays during April and May.

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