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This Web site contains a short list of reference material that may be suitable for people wishing to trace their genealogy particularly if they are descendants of the early traders of Oceania.
In the light of an increasing number of enquiries from Pacific Island people and others interested in determining their western style genealogy, it is certainly most pleasing to see the extended range of research material becoming available.

For those people whose genealogy has a Micronesian connection, it would be certainly worth a visit to a Web site called Beachcombers, Traders & Castaways in Micronesia.

Ever since foreign ships began visiting the islands of Micronesia, men came ashore to stay - some as deserters, whalers, beachcombers, castaways and traders. This Web site contains a list of those foreigners who came to Micronesia to stay - at least for a while. It includes foreigners who are proved to have lived ashore on Palau, Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae and the Marshall Islands during the 18th and 19th centuries. I should perhaps mention that my own dear great grandfather, Alfred Restieaux (Resture) is one of those mentioned along with many other familiar names of ancestors of my dear friends, relatives and many others in the Pacific region.

For more information, you are welcome to visit this excellent Web site:

We are certainly indebted to Christine Liava'a from the Pacific Islands Interests group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists for her advice on a wide range of research material being made available by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

Again, this material comprises primarily names of foreigners, however, it is of considerable value to Pacific Island people and friends of the Pacific Islands as a result of the high level of inter-marriage between the foreign visitors and the local people.

You are most welcome to contact Christine Liava'a at her e-mail address:

We are also indebted to Rondo Blue who has recently published the Census of European Residents in Fiji 1874-5. As Fiji was the hub of so much activity during this time, this particular census will be an invaluable research aid for genealogists.

You are welcome to contact Rondo Blue for further information at:

Hullo everyone,

My name is Christine Liava'a at:

I run the Pacific Islands Interests group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

My group publishes booklets of genealogical information, i.e. lists of names, for as many places and times in the Pacific region as possible. For historical reasons, these are mainly names of foreigners, but we would welcome any lists anyone has, if you would like them published. So far, we have produced:

1. Niue Islanders in World War 1
2. French Convicts in New Zealand
3. Tahiti and the Society Islands 1846-7
4. Men from the Pacific in the American Civil War1861-65
5. Persons born in the Pacific Region included in the 1881 British Census
6. British Consul for Fiji & Tonga; BMD Index 1858-1873
7. American adventurers in the SW Pacific 1897-98
8. Foreigners in the Kingdom of Hawaii 1840-1893
9. Strangers in the Samoan Islands- foreigners mentioned in the Cyclopedia of Samoa 1907
10.Foreign voters in California 1872, from the Pacific area
11.People of Penrhyn 1853
12/Some memorials from Ovalau, Fiji

These all, except no 8, cost NZ $5.00 (no 8 is $10) plus post and packaging.

In co-operation with the National Archives of Fiji, Rondo Blue has recently published the Census of Europeans Residents in Fiji 1874-5.

It is available either from the Bookshop at the Fiji Museum in Suva if you are local, or by mail order from Rondo Blue who hopes to have it available online soon as an eBook.

The Returns were submitted by District Officers and Magistrates during the latter period of the Cakobau Interim Administration and the early days of British colonial administration.

All queries to Rondo Blue, please at
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