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The Return Voyage of the Nottingham


The Nottingham, the British warship famous for grounding on Wolf Rock, off Lord Howe Island, began the final leg of its inglorious journey home on the deck of the Dutch transport ship, the Swan, arriving home just before Christmas, 2002. 


Small boats on Sydney Harbour, Australia, kept a respectable distance from H.M.S. Nottingham as its flags flew from its mast, signalling "hazard-keep clear".  The process of positioning H.M.S. Nottingham on the deck of the transport ship Swan took about 24 hours. First, Swan partially submerged itself by taking on water ballast. H.M.S. Nottingham was then positioned over Swan's deck before Swan was refloated, bow first. The transporter can carry up to 25,000 tonnes and averaged 25 kmh over the six week trip to Britain via the Panama Canal.

H.M.S. Nottingham sits on the Swan's deck in Watson Bay, Sydney Harbour, Australia.

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