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Micronesia, means "Small Islands" and this is the perfect way to describe these 2,100 tropical islands scattered across the heart of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. They are spread over a great distance, yet each has its own culture, customs, rituals and topographical personality.

The images of this Web site have been chosen to represent the many facets of life in Micronesia. Individually these images cover many of the interesting features of this fascinating region. Collectively these images convey The Spirit of Micronesia.

Within Micronesia, the Republic of Kiribati covers over three and a half million square kilometres of Pacific of which 822 square kilometres are land, made up of 33 low lying coral atolls scattered in three main groups: the Gilberts, the Phoenix and the Line Islands; and has a population of approximately 79,000. A fully independent democratic republic, self-governing since 12th July 1979, Kiribati's seat of government is at Bairiki, one of three urban centres on Tarawa atoll in the Gilberts chain.

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Caroline Islands - ornaments from Ratak.

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Caroline Islands (Micronesia).

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Caroline Islands' Fisherman's Box.
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         Ponape (Pohnpei) women (daughter and mother) c. 1910.

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       Palau woman c.1910.

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          Palau scene with woman in foreground c. 1910.

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Palau woman working in taro pit.

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High School, Palau.

palaufall.jpg (9664 bytes)

Palau girl showers
under a natural waterfall.

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House beside a lagoon, Republic of Kiribati.

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canton qsl.

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Fishermen, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati.

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Fanning Island (Tabuaeran),
Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati.

 vr1l1.jpg (34940 bytes)

Banaba, (Ocean Island), Republic of Kiribati.

,,gilbert.jpg (26397 bytes)

Betio, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati.

dancer       dancing girl

Republic of Kiribati dancers.

Caroline Islands art & Costumes.jpg (59388 bytes)

Micronesian Art & Costumes
Caroline Islands - chromolithography of exceptional quality.

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