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This Web site contains a number of images of events, people and customs that have been an essential part of the fascinating history of Samoa.

Reading the Treaty of Berlin in 1889 concluded among the Great powers - Great Britain, the United States, and  Germany - guaranteeing the Samoans full rights of Government. Among Samoans, this is considered the greatest single event in their history. His Royal Highness Malietoa Laupepa received the translation surrounded by a military guard.


Two unnamed Samoan chiefs c. 1899.

The "Great Orator" and statesman Lauaki about 1905.

His Royal Highness M. Mataafa in 1929.

His Royal Highness M. Tamasese in 1929 before he was shot by a member of the New Zealand Police Force in December. Before he died a martyr, he said, "My blood has been spilled for Samoa. If I die, keep peace."

Traditional Samoa tattooing.

Chiefess Faato'atuiga M. Su'apa'ia presents a sacred
ceremonial robe to Prince Tupoutoa Tungi of Tonga at
the King's kava ceremony at Laie, Hawaii, October 10, 1954.

A Taupou - with head-dress and dancing kinife.

Carving a ceremonial bowl for kava, the national drink of Samoa made
from the dry roots of the kava shrub which is grown exclusively by the chiefs.

The beautiful siva, a traditional Samoan dance.

A fishing canoe in front of its
owner's house, Olosega, American Samoa.
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