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The Secluded Island

Hawaii's sixth largest island, Lana'i is sparsely populated with miles of pristine beaches, only thirty miles of paved roads and not a single traffic light. A secluded island, it covers 141 square miles that range in elevation from sea level to more than 3,400 feet. The lowlands are fringed with beaches and rugged sea cliffs, while the highlands were a mosaic of meadows and woodlands, laced with rainbows and mountain mists.

Once carpeted with acre upon acre of pineapples, today it is the newest and most secluded resort in the archipelago. Under the stewardship of land owner Lana'i Company, Hawaii's secluded island now offers visitors a complete island adventure from a rival at tiny Lana'i airport to the warm hospitality of Lana'i 3,000 permanent residents.

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Lana'i boasts top rated golf courses. The 18 hole championship experience at Koele designed by golf guru Greg Norman and architect Ted Robinson will provide the ultimate challenge with views to four other islands. The Challenge at Manele Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus has been fashioned from more than 70 acres of natural lava fields around protected archaeological preserves and provides dramatic ocean side views.

Don't miss a visit to Lana'i's only town, tiny Lana'i city built by Dole pineapple interest in 1924. Surrounding a village green-filled with towering Norfolk Island pines, it is like stepping back a century into a plantation community. A small but fascinating museum houses local treasures and provide an insight into Lana'i's history. There are excellent opportunities for adventure and visitors are free to enjoy the run of this tropical island made possible by Lana'i Company, which still owns 98% of the island. Camping sites are also available.

There are four wheel drive routes in the high forest through thick strands of eucalyptus and Norfolk Island pines, hiking, horse riding, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling. You can stroll the beach where the only foot prints are yours, explore sites where the ancient Hawaiians worked the land and fished the sea, or visit former pineapple fields which are now organic gardens supplying fresh fruit and vegetables.

The nature conservancy stewards 598 acres set aside to preserve native plants in the hope of unravelling some of the mysterious of Hawaiian evolution. From Shipwreck Beach on Lana'i's northern coast, you can see the rusting hulk of a World War 2 ship marooned on the treacherous offshore reefs. One of Hawaii's best preserved Petroglyph sites is easily accessible by a short trail nearby.

What makes Lana'i unique is its sense of remoteness, seclusion and privacy. With the addition of a small number of luxury homes on the island, Lana'i promises to become the ultimate retreat for reclusive celebrities and millionaires as well as one of the world's top resort destinations.

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