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Commercial Style Squid Jigs

6 Angles Prism Luminous
Squid Jig
Soft Luminous Squid Jig
Small Luminous
Squid Jig
Small Coastal Squid Jig
Jumbo Humboldt 8"
Luminous Squid Jig

Leisure Style
Squid Jigs

Parannah Luminous
Squid Jig
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Luminous Squid Jig
Puget Sound Squid Claw Squid Jig
Rainbow Fish Luminous
Squid Jig
Tiger Fish Luminous
Squid Jig
Tiger Prawn Luminous
Squid Jig
Sunset Wave Squid Jig
Pink Lady Prawn
Squid Jig
Lazer Prawn Squid Jig
Super Squid Hunter Squid Jig
Prawn BS Squid Jigs
Prawn SS Squid Jigs
Prawn WT Squid Jigs
Lighted Squid Jigs
Baited Squid Jigs


Squid Fishing & Jig Making Supplies

Squid Hooks
Squid Fishing Lights
Glow In Dark Luminous
Shrink Tubing
Stainless Wire Shafts
Mylar Tubing

Fishing Gear

Underwater Fishing
Sabiki Bait Rigs
Fishing Bite Alarm
12' Carbon  Carp Rod
Trolling 6' Tuna Rod
9bb Spinning Reels
12bb Spinning Reels
12bb Bait Runner Reels
3bb Bait Casting Reels

Bite Alarms

Bite Alarms
WK9604 Bite Alarm
WK2036 Bite Alarm
WK2038 Bite Alarm
Wireless Set Bite Alarm
2-Piece Bank Stick


Feel Free To Contact Us

Colman's Fishing Supply
29903 43rd Ave. S.
Auburn, WA  98001
United States

Phone 253-529-0294

FAX 253-529-4621

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Home Page


We are a manufacturer and distributor specializing in High Quality Squid Jigs.   We supply you with the largest widest selection of squid jigs available online.   Shipping is World Wide, and we always get your shipment out as soon as possible (usually same or next day), as we want you to be catching your squid without any delay.  You won't find any faster shipping, or customer service!!!  

Our specialty is providing high quality squid jigs, squid fishing accessories, and jig making supplies.     Make your selection now from our huge range of squid jig styles, and see how will will save with our low discount prices.    The best squid jigs & the best prices will give you the edge on your other fishing buddies.   You have to try them to see just how good they really are.    We have the widest selection, and best prices of squid jigs and squid hooks anywhere, most of which are not available elsewhere.  We can provide you low prices, because there is no middle-man, you're getting them direct!!!

If you have any specific requests as to types of squid jigs, or squid jig making supplies, let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate them into our product lineup.   Until then, keep checking back, as we will be adding all the time.

Spyder Hooks are In Stock Now!!!

Left 1 1/2" Spyder Hooks, 1 7/8" "Spyder Hooks" & 2 1/8" "Ultra-Wide Spyder Hooks".   These are custom designed & manufactured, and only available from Colman's Fishing Supply.

Fishing for squid with Yamashita squid jigs, yo-zuri squid jigs, and martinetti squid jigs.  Puget Sound Squid, many types of squid.

 Here is a listing of some of our new items.  We don't have these listed on the site yet.  If you are interested in any of these items, please Call.

Lead Bodies 1oz

2 1/2" and 2"

Luminous Tubing

5.5mm Green, Light Green, Pink
3.6mm Light Green, Red
2mm Light Green, Red

Big Eye Slayer / Wide Eye Slayer
Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Multi-Color

Luminous Lead Jigs
4.8oz and 3.6oz

Squid Sabiki, and
Larger Fish Skin Sabiki

Luminous Beads
Many Sizes from Tiny to 10mm
Red, Green, White

Luminous Lure Tape

Holographic Paper (Gold, Green, Silver, Red)

Longer Wire Shafts, smaller diameter

Glow In The Dark Epoxy Kits

Glow In The Dark Powder Red & Green

Silver Mylar

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Weighted Squid Jigs most are 1 ounce, 2" or 2 5/8" long.

Customer Testimonial Jan 9, 2005
"...There was a family next to us and they were getting big squids while we
barely caught 5 (and my wife 14) small squids....I took a sneak peak at their
jigs and wondered who made them.....and went over to your site and voila!!!
Those are YOURS!!!!!!!  Man, I gotta order those new ones.  They look awesome, and being outfished personally, I KNOW THEY WORK!  ;-)..."


Our entire range of squid jigs has proven productive in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as Puget Sound, California, Florida, East Coast.  Whether you are squid fishing for bait, or squid fishing for good eats, we have the squid jigs that you need.

If you are looking to go squid fishing for the Giant Squid, or Humboldt Squid, we now carry an EXCELLENT jig just for them.  ALWAYS at the lowest available price. Giant Humboldt Squid.  We are also currently working on a NEW design for a much larger, weighted Giant Squid Jig.

We currently have in stock a LARGE selection of squid jigs that are popular for leisure squid fishing, and commercial squid fishing.

Our current IN STOCK squid jigs are the following models, many more coming in October.

6 Angles Luminous Prism Squid JigsSoft Luminous Squid JigsSmall Luminous Squid JigsCoastal Squid Jig8" Giant Luminous Squid Jig

These are our Leisure Style Squid Jigs, many are similar to the other manufacturers you are already familiar with:       Yo-zuri Squid Jigs, shrimp hunter, Yamashita Squid Jigs, Martinetti Squid Jigs, Juicy Jigs, etc.   You will definitely like our prices. (pictures not to scale)

Pink Lady Prawn Squid Jig
Parannah Luminous Squid JigsPink Lady Prawn Squid JigSunset Wave Squid JigsRainbow Fish Luminous Squid JigTiger Fish Luminous Squid JigsTiger Prawn Luminous Squid Jigs


These are our custom designed Puget Sound Squid Teasers all 2 1/2", all Glow In The Dark!!!  I have done EXTREMELY well fishing with these!!!!  $2.75 Each

Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Jig
Silver braided, glow center, squid teaserGold braided, glow center, squid teaserStainless braided, glow base, squid teaserNeon stripes braided, glow center, squid teaserStripes braided, glow center, squid teaserNeon stripes braided, glow center, squid teaser
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigsPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigsPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigsPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigsPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid JigsPuget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Jigs
Neon blue braided, glow center, squid teaserNeon green braided, glow center, squid teaserNeon orange, glow center, squid teaserNeon Pink, glow center, squid teaserNeon Glow Pink & Glow Green, squid teaserNeon Glow Pink & Glow Green, squid teaser

Sale Prices Through February


Stainless Wire Shafts


Baited Squid Jigs


Mylar Tubing


Super Luminous Tubing


Lazer Prawn
 Squid Jigs


 Super Squid Hunter
Squid Jigs


Prawn BS
Squid Jigs


Squid Jigs


Prawn WT
 Squid Jigs


Prawn SS
Squid Jigs


 Puget Sound
Squid Claw
Squid Jigs


Wireless Bite
Alarm Set


Be sure to check out  Martinetti Squid Jigs

If you have a specific request…  PLEASE contact us direct, and
we will research to find what you are looking for.   We also do custom design work, and special orders as well.


Contact us for information on International Orders, as shipping amount varies.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome, find out how you can carry our tackle in YOUR store for more profits!!!!!


Please Contact us for WHOLESALE

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