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Cuan Law in the British Virgin Islands

The original Cuan Law web site designed by Under Watercolours in 1999 has done so well for them they've invited us back to work on an entirely new design to take them into the future. The new site will include many updated photos, new QuickTime VR, flash accents and more. Watch for the new site to go live sometime around May.

Worlds of Fun

We're working new website designs for World of Diving, World of Golf, World of Snorkeling, World of Sportfishing, World of Adventure and Destination Micronesia. This huge project will take us a while, but watch for the new sites to start popping up through the summer.

A New Site for XS Scuba

In 2004 we designed a 48-page catalogue for XS Scuba. They liked it so much that they've decided to redesign their web site too. The new site is a joint effort between Under Watercolours and XS Scuba, and is expected to go live sometime around April.

Why Hire a Remodeling Consultant?

Papillion Remodeling Consulting will have a new web site in a couple of weeks. If you're considering a remodeling project in Southern California, don't start without talking to Chris. New site is currently work in progress and will be at


Papua New Guinea Tour

Most of February will be spent touring Papua New Guinea. We'll be visiting Tawali Resort, Hamamas Resort, Loloata Resort and will spend ten days aboard the Peter Hughes Sky Dancer exploring a new itinerary and working on an interactive tour of the vessel. This is the fourth Peter Hughes vessel we are shooting, having created interactive tours for Sun Dancer (at the time in Palau), Sky Dancer in Galapagos and Komodo Dancer in Indonesia. Watch for the QuickTime VR interactive tour to go live on the Peter Hughes Diving web site sometime in March.

Samasati Nature Retreat - Costa Rica

If you're into Yoga, birdwatching and enjoying a healthy vacation in an exotic local, you will love Samasati! This isn't one of our designs, but we recently completed several web related projects including search engine fixes and a form-to-database interface which will be live soon. We're looking forward to visiting Costa Rica in the near future to experience it for ourselves.


TUSA Dive Gear Goes Live

A joint effort between Under Watercolours and our friend Paul Barnett at Outcast Creative, the new Tusa web site was pulled from the 2005 Dive Gear catalogue. New sites for Tusa Reef Tourer Snorkeling Gear and Tusa View Goggles will soon follow.

Atomic Aquatics in German

The Atomic Aquatics web site is now available in German.


Castaway Island Fiji

We designed the original Castaway site over six years ago and it has served them well, but the time has come to retire the old site and start fresh. The new Castaway site has over 60 pages, 200 custom photos, streaming video, a special secured are for travel agents, 18 Flash accents, a complete virtual interactive tour with 14 QuickTime VR movies, 2 active guestbooks plus archives from five years, send-a-postcard feature, desktop wallpaper with six designs, an interactive dive site maps with photos, maps and information about each dive site, and my favorite, a webcam that shoots pictures to the site every five seconds. In additon, we've built in many features to make updating and maintaining the site easy enough for the staff to do it from Fiji. As part of this project, we had to spend five days working at the resort (no, it was not a vacation) and met some of the nicest families from all over the world. Thanks to everyone who helps in the photo shoots.


Photos from our Cozumel Trip #24 Will be Online Soon! (we're still working on it...we've been busy!!)

Wakatobi Dive Resort Virtual Tour

We've just completed the Quicktime VR interactive tour of Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia. Photos from our recent Indonesia trip will be online soon.

Sea&Sea to Host Mini Seminars Featuring Industry Pros During DEMA

Come by the Sea&Sea booth #1609 to hear tips from some of the top people in the photo industry.

Sea&Sea will be hosting mini seminars in the booth during the 2004 DEMA show. The seminars will cover a wide range of subjects from photo tips to retail strategies for the digital age. The presenters are a diverse group of industry professionals that will be presenting information that will be of interest to a vast range of DEMA attendees, whether they are underwater photographers or retailers looking for ways to take advantage of the digital photography revolution.

Each seminar will be held in the Sea&Sea booth and will be approximately 20 minutes in length. After the seminars visit the booth and take a look at the exciting new products being introduced by Sea&Sea for 2005.

For the complete list of Sea & Sea DEMA Seminars, CLICK HERE: Sea & Sea Seminar Schedule


Digital Underwater Photo Workshop at Wakatobi Dive Resort

Join Bonnie Pelnar on a Digital Underwater Photo Workshop trip at Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia, at the regular trip cost! Join the scheduled Wakatobi trip and get a complimentary underwater photo course! There will even be state of the art digital cameras for you to use! Hurry! Only a few spots are left!

JULY 2004

New sites coming soon...
An all new website for Castaway Island Resort in the Fiji Islands

XS Scuba 2005 Adventure Catalogue
Under Watercolours has been chosen to design the new XS Scuba 2005 Product Guide which will be available before DEMA.

JUNE 2004
Dr. Frank's new skin care line of products is now available online.
Horse ranch for sale in Sonoma County.

APRIL 2004

Photos are Online from the 3rd Annual Kona Classic Photo and Video Festival and Competition!
Lot's of fun photos online from this year's competition in May. More info about the event...

Under Watercolours images were seen in the April 1st episode of the CBS hit show "Without A Trace". Screen shots will be online soon.

APRIL 2004

Photos from Joshua Tree

MARCH 2004

A New Look for South Pacific Island Travel

We just launched a new web site at The new design is a "facelift" to their old site plus new dive travel destinations added. Their new Adventure Catalog will be available by May.

FEBRUARY 2004 is now open complete with a customized shopping cart with nearly 1200 items.


Soccorro Islands Aboard the Solmar V

We've just returned from a trip on the Solmar V to the islands of Socorro, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida to shoot an interactive tour of the vessel. This was our first opportunity to try the Titan D100 housing with a 10.5 fisheye lens and yes, the mantas did cooperate. Here are some of the first photos.


Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island - Great White Photo Gallery

OCTOBER 2003 is now open!

DEMA 2003 Snapshots - Goofing Around

Come to the Sea & Sea booth at the DEMA show to see our presentation about digital imaging. Bonnie Pelnar, along with James Watt, Cathy Church, Jack & Sue Draphal, Marty Snyderman, Holly Alentado, and Andy Sallmon will be presenting daily in booth #2805. Sea U There!!

Spending money at DEMA 2002. Does it come in pink?

JULY 2003

Light & Motion Titan D100 Housing has Arrived!

We placed our order at DEMA and its finally here...just in time for our dive this weekend. Check back for photos and thoughts. More about the housing...

Check out our new portfolio... a fantastic new service offered by Perfectus DS.

Update... after building our Perfectus portfolio, we were selected to be one of their featured photographers. Check it out!

JUNE 2003

Scheduled soft launch for our online course in Digital Underwater Photography is scheduled for... sometime before DEMA... sorry about the delays!

MAY 2003

We've Been Busy!

We launched three new web sites this month

APRIL 2003

Marty Snyderman's Image Collection

A new web site for Marty Snyderman's complete image gallery is now online at The new site offers a searchable database of Marty's images available for purchase at stock.

MARCH 2003

Digital Divers Will Soon Go Live!

We are continuing to work on our course in digital underwater photogrphy and it will be online soon. This course offers in-depth information about all the exciting things you can do with your underwater photography once you've got them on your computer. We expect to have the course finished by June. More info...


Bonnie Pelnar is Featured Photographer on provides ocean news, entertainment, and commerce by utilizing the best of technology, science, and photography, seeking to communicate the beauty and importance of the global ocean. This month Bonnie Pelnar's underwater photography is one of the featured galleries. We look forward to working with them in the future to benefit both our companies and our clients.


Interactive Tour of the Peter Hughes Komodo Dancer Online

If you've been looking for a totally different kind of dive trip, check out the Peter Hughes Komodo Dancer. We have just completed an interactive tour of this amazing vessel which will soon become part of the Peter Hughes web site. Watch for our trip report coming soon and plenty of new photos.

New Jewelry Designs by Under Watercolours

While in Indonesia, we picked up our first sample jewelry piece designed by Bonnie Pelnar, made in Bali. More designs are now in production and will be available when we return to Bali in September of 2003. All pieces are of the highest quality workmanship (even better than what you find in most Bali stores) and are made of 925 sterling silver in the village of Ubud. The complete line of earrings, pins, penants, and other accessories will include exotic underwater creatures including, octopus, seahorse, tropical fish, and a few other surprises. These beautiful new designs will be available online and in fine department stores.


Return to Indonesia

Under Watercolours is returning to Indonesia to work on several new projects including a new look for Thalassa Dive Center in Manado. We visited then several years ago and were so impressed, we couldn't wait to go back. Watch for a spectacular new web site, new brochure, new logo, and much more in the coming months.

From Manado we'll head down to Bali to board the Peter Hughes Komodo Dancer to create a QuickTime VR interactive tour of the vessel. Watch for this new tour on the Peter Hughes site coming in January.


Sea & Sea MX-10 Online Course

Under Watercolours in conjunction with Marty Snyderman has just completed the Sea & Sea MX-10 Online Training Course. Open now to the public, this course highlights all the features and capability of the Sea & Sea MX-10 and accessories taught by one of the world's most experienced photographers, Marty Snyderman. Visit the Sea & Sea site and sign up today!


A New Image for IDI

Under Watercolours has been working on many new marketing pieces for International Divers, Inc. of Buena Park, California. Along with a new 8-page catalog, for which we did the photography of their entire product line, we developed new magazine ads, trade show booth graphics, and updated the web site.

JULY 2002

Yacht Taboo

Under Watercolours has just returned from a grueling week of "work" in the BVI's aboard the Yacht Taboo. This 81' hi-tech schooner is a Doug Peterson design, the same designer who built the America's Cup winner for New Zealand. Taboo was the last cruising vessel he designed before getting into racing vessels. Watch for a new web site at coming in August. We expect the web site to be as beautiful as Taboo herself, with video clips, QuickTime VR, photography, and web design by Bonnie Pelnar.

S/Y Antillean

If you're looking for a crewed charter yacht in the BVI's for a small group of people, Antillean is your vessel. Check out the new site at (we're still working on some of the final details).

JUNE 2002

Vessel Assist - The Auto Club for Boat Owners

Work in progress is a new web site for Vessel Assist. Under Watercolours was recently awarded the contract to create a totally new site for the Newport Beach company. Watch for the new site to go online sometime in June.

New E-commerce Site Online

Dr. Lewis Self of Las Vegas has a brand new web site at This new site features not only a number of aesthic procedures available there, but a complete line of skin care products available for purchase online.

MAY 2002

Warning about Yahoo Domains!

If you are thinking about securing a domain name, please read this! Do not use Yahoo Domains. On a recent project we have found that Yahoo makes it almost impossible to move any domain away from them once you've registered it. They prohibit users from making changes by using a series of user names, passwords, security keys and pages that take the user in circles to keep you from using anyone else's services. If you need to register a domain name to secure it, even if you don't want to build a site around it, contact us. We will do this for you for only $10 a year (for .com, .net, and .org) and $20 a year for most others. Yahoo charges $25 per year. You are not obligated to host with us or hire use to design your site design. After our experiences with the Yahoo system, we wouldn't wish these roadblocks on our worst competitors and will be happy to help anyone looking to secure a domain name.

Turn Back The Clock Without Losing Time

Dr. Paul J. Frank of the 5th Avenue Dermatology and Surgery Laser Center in New York has a new web site to promote his soon to be released book "Turn Back The Clock Without Losing Time". Check out the new web site. Soon you will be able to order the book online.

APRIL 2002

Searchable Database Added to Our Stock Web Site

Due to the increased traffic on our stock web site we have added a searchable image database. Now you can search categories as before, but also type in keywords within those categories. When you find an image you like just put it in the lightbox and email it to us for a quote. The feedback so far has been great... check it out!

Beautiful Underwater Photo Prints Available Online

Under Watercolours now offers a limited collection of beautiful photo prints available for purchase online. You may order the prints from 4" x 6" up to 11" x 14" directly from our web site. Photos are printed from digital images onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper for a stunning glossy or matte print that is perfect for display or framing. Also available are Tshirts, canvas tote bags, puzzles, mouse pads, calendars, coffee cups, and steins. The selection of prints will change every 90 days. You can place your orders online and pay by credit card using our secure processing. To see a collection of the photos available click here.


Amazon Adventure

We're just back from a January trip to the Amazon, having visited Ariau Amazon Towers, a jungle lodge on the Rio Negro near Manaus in Brazil. Here is our Amazon trip report and photos.


Check Out Our Truk Odyssey Article in Sport Diver Magazine

The January edition of Sport Diver Magazine featured an article about diving in Truk Lagoon aboard the Truk Odyssey written by Bonnie Pelnar of Under Watercolours. You can see the online version on the Sport Diver Magazine web site.


Virtual Galapagos - VR Tours of Lammer Law & Peter Hughes Sky Dancer

In July we spent three weeks in Galapagos aboard Lammer Law and Peter Hughes newest vessel Sky Dancer to shoot interactive tours of both vessels. Whale shark encounters were too numerous to count. We swam with hundreds of hammerheads, dolphins, turtles, Galapagos sharks and more. Check our Photo Gallery for new photos and both their web sites for the interactive tours and exciting 360 movies from around Galapagos. We've also expanded our Galapagos pages with more beautiful photos and panoramics.

Galapagos Tourism Dept. to Feature Under Watercolours Photography

Watch for the new brochures, flyers and posters coming out in 2002 which will feature the Galapagos photos of Bonnie Pelnar. Projects are currently in the works. The Galapagos National Park will also be utilizing some of these photos for the promotion of tourism and conservation at the park.

Continental Micronesia Bali

Under Watercolours photos from Bali will be featured in the upcoming edition of the Continental Micronesia Bali brochure. Also featured in this edition are some photos from our friend Matt Weedon, of Weedon Photo.


FLASH Intros and Animation Designed by Under Watercolours

Under Watercolours now offers FLASH animation! Check out some of our samples.

Thanksgiving Aboard the Truk Odyssey

Check out the new photos on the Truk Odyssey site from our Thanksgiving trip where we tested the Light & Motion Tetra housing for the Olympus digial camera. In the upcoming months, you'll find more information and articles on this web site about digital underwater photography.

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