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Carl Oates
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Canton Island, Aerial Crossroads of the South Pacific, by Carl Oates, is an excellent publication about an island in the mid-Pacific which was once an important staging point for aircraft crossing the Pacific region. This book is a comprehensive record of the events that shaped the recent history of Canton Island and is a worthy tribute to the remarkable career of the author, Carl Oates.

Carl Oates

John Sully who made a valuable contribution to the editing and production of the book

View of Pan American's Canton Island terminal,
viewed from a docked Boeing 314 Clipper. (Photo: Bill Johns)

This picture, taken in 1946, overlooking the U.S. Army and Navy buildings,
shows the President Taylor (at left) dominating the landscape, and a hazard to navigation

The President Taylor was the first U.S. shipping casualty of the Pacific war. It dominated the
coralscape of Canton Island for the next fourteen years after it grounded on the reef in February, 1942

Interior of the Pan Am Hotel. (Photo: Bill Johns)

Pan American's Canton Island terminal. (Photo: Bill Johns)

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