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The Maine Course
(From Yahoo Life Magazine July 1999)
Your mother used to bring sandwiches on picnics. But for a more intimate twosome, Con­stitution Seafood's New England clam­bake for two gives you a pair of alive-and-kicking, 1- to 1 1/2 pound lobsters, steamer clams or mussels, clam chowder, and all needed accoutrements ($99, overnight delivery).
Constitution lobsters & Clambakes


1. Just wanted to let you know that my friend in Great Falls got her lobsters that I sent her right on the exact time that you said she would receive them. She called me right away and again after she ate them and said they were delicious and allot of meat. When I do more ordering I will make sure I do it from you. I have already got the word out about your prices to some of my friends and they couldn't believe the price compared to here in Maine to ship lobster. The lady that took my order was very nice and friendly.


2. I just wanted to let you guys know how fabulous your New England Clam Bake was. You shipped us the Clam Bake for 20 and we hosted a party for 16 (every bit got eaten) and they just raved over everything. The lobsters, clams and mussels were so fresh and the soup was to die for. Even people who weren't soup eaters went for seconds (and thirds). The mussels were the best we have ever had and the lobsters were all perfect. Even the crackers (we didn't expect the small forks) and ramekins were great quality. We saved them for next year...we are planning to this party annually now.


3. Last Friday I received your clam bake package for 4. It was fantastic. I was not up to speed on cooking and preparing how to eat a whole lobster until I read your easy instructions. The whole experience was well worth the price. You can be sure that we will be using your product again.
Thanks for the wonderful meal.


4. We just got done saying goodnight to all of our guests for the clambake. The rave reviews were unanimous! Everyone loved the entire meal from the chowder to the lobsters! It was an incredible meal. All we had to add was the corn, potatoes, and chorizo. Everyone said it was the best chowder ever!
Thank you so much for your efficiency, attention to detail and quality! I'm Xeroxing your card for several of our guests tomorrow. Next year we'll also be contacting you for our lobster feed. You guys ROCK!
Thanks again for an amazing dinner!

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