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Lighthouse Gifts For You

With the many Lighthouse Gifts available, finding the perfect gift can be easy! Collectibles such as figurines, plates, music boxes, villages. Art, prints, posters, calendars, apparel, books and videos are just a few with lighthouse themes.

Use your Lighthouse Gifts Guide to discover that choice.

These gifts are reflections of the tall, beautiful towers that have guided ships to safety for centuries. Worldwide, lighthouses are seen as wonderful and historic symbols of security, strength and guidance.

They've stood the test of time, standing strong in good and bad seas. Your recipient will love their beauty, as well as appreciate what they stand for.

People, like lighthouses are unique. Each has their own distinct history and appearance. The perfect gift is unique also, to each person.

What are their likes and dislikes? Are they interested in Collectibles? Art? Do they like to read? What makes that person unique?

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or still trying to decide, we can point you in the right direction. The best way to achieve any goal is to put it on paper, and have a plan.

We've made that easy with our Gifts Planner. Simply print out your Personal Planner, then follow the links below, to areas that meet your goals.

Have Fun! Thanks for stopping by, please enjoy Your Lighthouse Gifts Guide.

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Your Lighthouse Gift Planner...Organize your Lighthouse Gift search
Your Lighthouse Gifts Planner makes the search for the perfect lighthouse gift fun, and easy. Achieve your gifting goals.

Lighthouse Collectibles...Find art, figurines and more
Lighthouse Collectibles make great gifts. See all the choices available, art, figurines, plates, music boxes and more. Then you can pick the best for you.

Lefton Lighthouses...Great gifts for the lighthouse lover
Lefton Lighthouses are exquisite replicas that make beautiful gifts. Limited Editions, Illuminated Lighthouses, WaterGlobes,

Harbour Lights Lighthouses...True detail makes them ideal gifts
Harbour Lights lighthouses are authentic collectibles. Worldwide

Lighthouse Art...Shows the beauty and strength of the lighthouse.
Lighthouse Art sets the tone for your room. A lighthouse painting conveys the scenic beauty and character of the lighthouse into your room.

Lighthouse Prints...Fine Lighthouse Art, at a great price!
Lighthouse Prints create the lighthouse feel, at an affordable price. Prints can complete a room, making an excellent gift.

Lighthouse Posters...Art that's affordable to everyone
Lighthouse Posters and calendars are low in cost, yet are highly attractive gifts. A lighthouse themed poster is perfect for any budget.

Lighthouse Figurines...As Beautiful As The Real Thing, Only Smaller
Lighthouse Figurines bring the strength and beauty of the lighthouse into any room. Figurines make terrific gifts.

Lighthouse Crystal...Truly reflects the lighthouse from every view
Lighthouse Crystal is designed to dance with light. Each creation's dance is unique, making them great gifts.

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments...Add the wonders of light to your tree.
Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments, bring the magnificent beacons of the world to your tree. Gives a Christmas tree that lighthouse strength.

Lighthouse Videos...Worldwide lighthouses come alive on your T.V. screen
With Lighthouse Videos, you can tour worldwide lighthouses, without leaving your home. Filled with history, and fantastic pictures, these make marvelous gifts.

Lighthouse Books...Excellent pictures, and interesting history
Lighthouse Books are fun reading for the lighthouse lover. Packed with history and pictures, these gifts tell the true stories of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Apparel...Sharp gifts, for the lighthouse lover.
Lighthouse Apparel comes in many forms. From hats,T-shirts,ties,umbrellas to flip flops. Head to toe, there's a gift that may be perfect for your giving.

Lighthouse Decor...Furniture, bed, bath, Kitchen, Housewares and more
Lighthouse Decor makes a special lighthouse gift...Bed, bath, furniture, indoor or outdoors, a home decorating gift adds that personal touch.

Lighthouse Outdoor Decor...Unique gifts for the lighthouse lover
Lighthouse themed Outdoor Decor will brighten up any setting. From birdhouses to wind chimes, these are original gifts for the lighthouse lover.

Fun Lighthouse Links...Lighthouse Webcams, Facts and more
Fun Lighthouse Links...Links to interesting lighthouse sites. Webcams, historical facts, pictures and more.