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Niagara Falls, has Hotels, Inn's, Bed and Breakfast Lodgings and many more accommodations to suit your needs.

. Niagara Falls bed and breakfast, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada B&B Accommodations.

Niagara Falls, Ontario has visitors from all over the world.
If you only come to see the fall's,
Then you miss the real
beauty of Niagara.
You could stay for a week in the Niagara Falls Region and many do;
And still not see all the wonders of Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

Today, engaged couples choose Niagara Falls B&B's accommodations for their honeymoon destination twelve months of the year, but especially May through October. Every type of special once-in-a-lifetime suites can be found at the major bed and breakfast, Hotels, Lodging and accommodations. Many of the Niagara Falls Bed and Breakfast are run on the same homely style as the ones you will see in Europe, but with a touch of Canadian flair and Hospitality.

Historically, Niagara Falls, Ontario was established as the ideal honeymoon destination by the French in the early 1800s. It has been said that Napoleons brother, Jerome Bonaparte, travelled by stage from New Orleans to spend his honeymoon in Niagara Falls, we are not sure if he stayed at a Falls Bed and Breakfast in those days, but he returned home with flowing reports. Since virtually everyone emulated royalty as much in that era as they do do today, Niagara falls Ontario has become the HONEYMOON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD:

Niagara Falls, Ontario,Canada has a mystique unequalled anywhere. One word can be used to describe why thousands of honeymooners and second-honeymooners come to Niagara each year - Romance. Secluded picnic areas, dense trees, fragrant flowers and the sound of broods and waterfalls set the scene by day; intimate little restaurants, candlelight and wine by night. Then retreat to to a cozy Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Lodging or other Falls accommodations.and of dont forget Casino Niagara. overlooking the Falls.

The Niagara Escarpment begins in Watertown New York, USA and ends on the Manitoulin Island in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It is 1,609 kilometers in length and is the weathered edge of a very ancient sea bottom. Throughout its length from Hamilton, Ontario to Watertown, New York the escarpment ranges from 183 meters (600 feet) above sea level to 189 meters (620 feet) above sea level. The Niagara, Ontario Escarpment is the ultimate reason the Falls of Niagara was born. Without the escarpment, the Falls may never have materialized.

Bala Place Bed and Breakfast in St. Catharines is an excellent home base from which to explore our beautiful Niagara Falls region. Come with your family, or for a romantic getaway. Plan a girls’ weekend and go on a shopping spree (American dollars and Euros go almost twice as far in Canada!). Take in the beauty of all St. Catharines, Niagara has to offer!
Whether you are looking for family fun, romantic getaways, golf and recreation, gardens and green spaces, arts and culture, history and heritage, waterfronts and waterways, wine and cuisine or rural routes - there is something for everyone year-round, and Bala Place Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by over 40 wineries! if you visit

St. Catharines is the entertainment capital of Niagara! From professional and amateur theatre, fine art and contemporary art galleries, Canadian performing artists, Jazz, Motown, contemporary rock bands to major festivals and events year round. Come join us at Bala Place Bed and Breakfast for such popular events like the Niagara Grape and Wine festival which produces such events such as New Vintage Niagara, the Niagara Wine Festival and the Ice Wine Festival, Canada Day celebrations in historic downtown and in Port Dalhousie or cultural festivals like May’s Niagara Folk Arts Festival, August’s Music on the Henley, hundred years of rowing tradition on Martindale pond with the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, and free summer concerts in Montebello Park and Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie. All of these attractions our within walking distance from Bala Place Bed and Breakfast.

Since Niagara Falls loves "LOVERS", every honeymoon couple receives an official honeymoon certificate signed by our Mayor - a treasure for years to come. Along with the certificate the bride receives a free pass to many of the local attractions. The official certificates are available from

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
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Niagara Falls Bed & Breakfast, Lodgings, Hotels & Accommodations.

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