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Micronesian Dancers.

Guam wartime photographs.

Entertaining the troops on Guam.

Yap house, Federated States of Micronesia.


Engravings of Caroline Islanders, 1836.

An early image of the Agana bus depot, Guam.

An early German stamp from
The Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Guam postcard.

A scarce official first day cover from the Federated States of Micronesia. The stamps relate
to the infamous William "Bully" Hayes (1829-1877). The stamps depict (1) The sinking
of the ship Leonora, (2) Forging of a Hawaiian stamp, (3) "Bully" Hayes,
(4) Biography by Louis Becke, (5) Hayes escapes capture.

Wartime newspaper poster.

Pilots cheering and pleased over their victory during the Marshall Islands attack.
Pictured here across the tail of an F6F Hellcat on board the USS Lexington, after shooting down
17 out of 20 Japanese planes heading for Tarawa, Kiribati. Photo: Commander Edward J. Steichen. 

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