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Tibetan Rug Weaver To Appear At Gregorian Rugs - By Gregorian Oriental Rugs

Summary: A centuries-old rug making technique practiced in the rugged Himalaya Mountains will be demonstrated in Newton Lower Falls, at the showroom of Gregorian Oriental Rugs.  A Tibetan Master Weaver will show how her native carpets are made using a weaving rod, a technique unlike any other rug weaving method.

Rug Designer Called On To Keep Wright Home Right - By Regina Albanese

Summary: Rug designer Jerry Krull to design Prairie style area rugs for sale by the house's Dana-Thomas House Foundation. Profits from rug sales are used to help fund preservation and educational programs of the Foundation.

The Carpet & Rug Institute's "Seal of Approval" - By Tammy Brown

Summary: Brown & Brown Superior Installations is proud to announce that it is the first carpet installation company in Jacksonville, Florida to be awarded the Carpet & Rug Institute's Seal of Approval. As an authorized barer of the "Seal of Approval", Brown & Brown Superior Installations has distinguished itself by meeting the program criteria and pledging to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Oriental Rug Exhibition - By Jozan

Summary: The exhibition of Oriental carpets in the museum at Pod Blacha Palace in the central Warzaw is worth visiting.  The palace is situated behind the Royal Castle and the permanent exhibition includes Oriental rugs and carpets.

Rugs, Rugs And Rugs…Where'd They Come From? - By Mike Yeager

Summary: Originally rugs were woven to protect the body from cold, to be spread on a dais or before a seat of honor, to cover a table, couch, or wall, or to form the curtains of a tent. There is evidence of the existence of hand-woven carpets in antiquity.

Moroccan rugs, modern and exotic - By Muhammad Thompson

Summary: Our rugs have a hard-edge to their geometry and yet are full of expression. Once you have lived with them for a while, you think of them in the same way as a modern artwork. Then you need to remind yourself that they were made by women living very hard lives in isolated parts of Morocco.


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