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American Samoa (
maps) was the forth country/territory I visited on my Pacific Islands trip. My visit was from the 24th of June 2000 to the 11th of July 2000 (I returned one more time for only three days). I always stayed with a Samoan family at home in Fagaima, Tafuna. I was not really interested in any tourist activities, but I always tried to adapt to the local lifestyles as much as possible. During my visit to American Samoa, I only visited the main island of Tutuila (map). (read more...)
Following you can find a selection of  the pictures I made during my visit to American Samoa. Click any picture to view it in its full format.
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Junior Lavea of the family I stayed with in Tafuna, peeling bananas for cooking (Tutuila) Cheeky Kalisha, Junior's sister's (who is in the US Navy) daughter
Squeezing the milk out of scraped coconut to cook the bananas in
Rainmaker Mountain and Pago Harbour as seen from the Rainmaker Hotel (Tutuila) Purse Seiner at the tuna cannery in Pago Harbour (Tutuila) Rainmaker Mountain making its name true (Tutuila)
Mount Alava as seen from the road from Tafuna to Fagatogo (Tutuila)
Pati (peeling taro) and Kalisha at home in Fagaima, Tafuna (Tutuila)
Junior, Kalisha, Pati and Salongofa'e at the Rainmaker Hotel (Tutuila)
Rainmaker Mountain and Pago harbour (Tutuila) At home with part of the Sione Family who I also stayed with in Tafuna (Tutuila)
Coastal scenery west of Leone on Tutuila's southern coast Coastal sceney west of Leone on Tutuila's southern coast
Lunch at the Sione family home in Tafuna (Tutuila)
Donna, Ailini and Vileti at Sione family home in Tafuna (Tutuila)
Grandma Tala Sione at her store next to the house in Tafuna (Tutuila) At Sione family's home in Tafuna (Tutuila)
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