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Buckeye Lake Bassers
An Ohio Bass Fishing Club offering 2 Open Bass Tournament Circuits and a Club Circuit all on Buckeye Lake

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Welcome to our Website

Next Meeting February 17th, 2005 7pm at the Island House Restaurant on Liebs Island.
New or prospective members are welcome
Liebs Island


Buckeye Lake Bassers wish to welcome you to our Website. We have developed this site to provide a great deal of information related to fishing bass tournaments in general and on Buckeye Lake in particular. Buckeye Lake Bassers is more than a bass club and this is much more than a club website.

Buckeye Lake Bassers offer two open bass tournament circuits in addition to their members only circuit and this website covers all three circuits in detail. We also provide a complete mini-site for OBCF Region 1 information. In keeping with the clubs goal of making low cost tournament bass fishing opportunities available to everyone, this entire site is OPEN to everyone.

If you enjoy fishing for bass in a competitive environment we encourage you to check out what we offer.

We have our club members only circuit which provides more than a dozen bass tournaments each year just for club members and guests, and provides the opportunity for members to advance to Regional, State, District and National competitions. These bass tournaments are usually held on Saturdays although we do fish a few Sunday events. These events provide a full 8 hour tournament day. You may access our complete 2005 Schedule, previous years results, club history, By-Laws, and Tournament Rules from the Main Menu.

We have a Thursday Evening Open Bass Tournament Circuit designed for the angler that works on the weekends, is not free during the day, or the angler that just wants more tournament time. These short 3 hour tournaments start in May and run every week through the middle of August each year. All Thursday Evening tournaments launch from the North Shore (S.R.79) Ramp to allow easier access to all portions of the lake in the shortened fishing time.

We also offer a Sunday Morning Open Bass Tournament Circuit which begins in June and runs about every other week through mid October. These tournaments begin at 6:30am or the first safe light thereafter and end at 1:00 pm. These events are designed as very informal events open to anyone. All Sunday events end at 1:00 pm regardless of launch time.

Our rules are simple and our cost is low. Schedules, Rules, Payouts and more can be found from the Main Menu. We offer a free newsletter for each of the three circuits to keep subscribers informed. You may add or delete subscriptions at any time from this website. There is no requirement to join any organization to fish either of the Open Circuits. 100% of all tournament fees are paid back at each event. In the event that no fish are caught, entry fees are refunded. These events are not intended to raise money but to provide tournament fishing opportunities for anyone interested in bass tournament fishing.

We fish a lot of tournaments because we are primarily a fishing organization. We fish because we like to fish, plain and simple. We provide the Open Circuits because there are a significant number of anglers wanting to fish bass tournaments that have no interest in joining any organization to do so. It is our goal to make low cost tournament bass fishing tournament opportunities available to everyone.

We are extremely proud of the growth of our Club as well as the growth of our website. Within our first year of operation we closely rival the link popularity of the Ohio Federation site and exceed all other Ohio Club Websites that we know. We plan to continue the expansion of the Club, Open Circuits, and the Website to better serve those anglers interested in fishing Buckeye Lake Bass Tournaments.

Browse around and if you have any questions or comments, use our contacts page to let us know. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating different parts of the website every week. Click here to Add Us to Your Favorites .


Buckeye Lake Bassers

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