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Sorry for some links not working. This site is still under Construction!
Hi and welcome to Sportfish Extreme!
Sportfish Extreme is a free website built for the enjoyment of Australian Angler's.
Our Galleries are full of exciting captures for you to browse.
If you enjoy chatting about Fishing then our Forums or Live Chat rooms might interest you.
Please check out our handy links and our weather links are great for a pre fishing trip forecast.
Sportfish Extreme also has a series of Competitions which are open to all Australians that are members to the Sportfish Extreme Forums.
So please enjoy the site.
Monthly Report
January 2005
Finally the action is on the rise! With reports of Marlin on the Banks its only a matter of time before the land based boys get amongst them on the south coast. For now you will have to settle for XXL kings and the odd shark but I doubt the beakies will be too far off. Mako's, Whalers and the good old hammerheads are on the chew with the hammers being the most commonly encountered. Bonito are making a gradual comeback so fingers crossed we may see them in better numbers than in previous seasons.

Most estuary's , harbour's and beaches seem to be putting on some decent Jew action from the Shoalhaven to Queensland. Seems the larger fish are up north but the 10 too 15 kilo models are keeping the fisho's happy down south.

For the north coast the land based boys are finding the action touch and go with good water one day and horrible the next. Just need too wait for some consistency and the action shouldn't be too far off. Wont be too long before the Bluefin make a show.

Copyright 2005 - Sportfish Extreme / Rob Barrett.
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