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Dallas Hotels

Dallas portrays everything that personifies America, everything that is popular American tradition, right from the ostentation to its business acumen and its flamboyance. There are many Dallas hotels to choose from catering too most needs and tastes. A Dallas hotel room starts from around US 50 dollars a night. From one-room suites to Parlour and Deluxe suites, just about every kind of accommodation is available from the hotels in Dallas. Dallas hotels have attractive discounts during the year and availability can be checked online. You can even make reservations online to any hotel in Dallas.

Dallas is obsessed with status and image. It is also responsible for a lot that is typically American right from the Dallas Cowboys football team and its cheerleaders to the JR in the famous TV Soap. The best time of the year to visit Dallas are the spring and fall months. This is also when most of the local festivals happen and so you can experience the Texan flavour at its best with art, barbecues, music, and rodeos. more...

Top Dallas Hotels