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This Web site features a number of rare historical images of the  Republic of the Marshall Islands. These depict the culture and the lifestyle of the people during the period 1890 to 1920.


A map showing the main atolls and islands of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

A rare photograph of Kaibuke, one of the kings of Majuro, 1890.
From the Robert Louis Stevenson collection.

A white trader and his wife "Topsy", Majuro Island, 1890.
From the Robert Louis Stevenson collection.

Early Images of the Marshall Islands

A house photographed in the Marshall Islands, 1920.

A traditional outrigged canoe, 1920.

A closer view of the same canoe showing details of the construction
 and rigging as well as the traditional clothing of the fishermen.

Marshall Islands Postcards, Picture Galleries and Stamps


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