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Hull Island (Orona) is another of the many interesting islands in the Phoenix Group, Republic of Kiribati. The images on this Web site were taken in March, 1967, and reflects life on Hull Island at this time. The images have been kindly provided courtesy of Bob Costa who was on Hull Island in 1966, as part of an ornithological research program.

A typical house on Hull Island, 1967.

House, Hull Island, 1967.

The maneaba (public meeting house) on Hull Island, 1967.

Graves on Hull Island.

A receipt for house rent paid for August, 1963, of the amount of seven shillings and six pence.

The text at the bottom of the page written in Gilbertese and then Tuvaluan reads:
NOTICE OR LOOK: People are requested to take their receipt for
payment made and to ensure that the amount of money written on
the receipt is the same as the amount of money that they paid.

Hull Island, Phoenix Group, Kiribati

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