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With global warming focusing the international spotlight brightly on Tuvalu, more and more people are visiting this remote and small Polynesian nation. This Web site gives an indication of what the visitor can expect, and how to make the most of a visit to Tuvalu.

Life in Tuvalu is relaxed and easy going. The people have an ancient and rich cultural heritage that manifests itself in the beautiful yet most entertaining and colourful Tuvalu dance as well as the unique and striking handicrafts. The visitor to Tuvalu needs to adjust to the unhurried pace of life on these small islands and in doing so should endeavour to sample as much as possible those wonderful things that are uniquely Tuvaluan.

The cool calm waters of the Funafuti lagoon are ideal for all water based activities such as swimming, snorkelling, fishing, skin diving and boating. Be on the look out for the local people who enjoy getting together and simply cooling themselves in their lagoon while they eat and catch up on the latest news as well as planning family activities and their entertainment for the evening.

Lunch time in Funafuti lagoon.

Should you have some time on your hands, catch a boat and visit some of the enchanting islets for a picnic, scuba diving and perhaps a little fishing along the way!

The visitor can always take a leisurely cruise on the modern inter-island ferry shown above from the capital, Funafuti, to the outer islands. Please arrange in advance at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel or the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Commerce, accommodation with a private family or guest house on some of these hospitable islands. In doing so, you will be able to meet some more Tuvaluan people and learn a little more about the authentic Tuvaluan culture, customs and lifestyle.

Consider hiring a motor scooter, a push bike or taking a long walk around Funafuti which has plenty of tarred roads as well as street lighting. Take in the atmosphere, the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and enjoy talking with the local people who are more than willing to assist in whatever way they can to make your stay in Funafuti a memorable and most enjoyable one! Tuvaluans are hospitable, kind, generous and religious people. Please make sure that you sample some of the local cuisine carefully prepared and beautifully presented in the traditional and uniquely Tuvaluan manner.

Take a little time to visit the local stores who stock quite a wide range of local and imported goods. Also, a visit to the Tuvalu Women's Handicraft Centre located near the Airport and the Funafuti Women's Craft Centre are highly recommended. 

I do hope that you have an enjoyable visit to Tuvalu where life is simple, relaxed and close to nature!

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