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The people of Micronesia migrated out of Asia some thousands of years ago and settled the islands of the present day Micronesia with which the exception of Kiribati which straddles the equator are all in the Northern Hemisphere. Micronesia constitutes the following independent countries: Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Palau.

The traditional music of Micronesia is distinctively different from other regions of the Pacific. This music employs very few instruments with the main instruments being conch shell horns, sticks, and the "box" which is beaten by a multitude of hands to provide a beat to accompany the singing which always predominates.

With no written language, the traditional music of Micronesia encompasses the rich tapestry of tradition, spiritualism and culture of the Micronesian people.

Since the coming of the Europeans, many Micronesians have watched many of their cultural traditions erode over the decades of colonial rule. From the coming of the Spanish and then the Germans and the Japanese after World War I followed by the Americans, the cultural values of the Micronesian people were placed in jeopardy. 

Micronesian chants have a haunting, melismatic quality about them which reflect the resilience of time-honoured seafarers who once sailed by the stars, the wave patterns and the movements of the birds as well as the distant cloud formations. Micronesian chants are highly spiritual and normally involved a call to a mythological god or an ancestor for their help and assistance in an endeavour about to be undertaken.   

A chant performed by a Kiribati man and woman
on the occasion of the dawning of the new millennium
at Millennium Island, Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati

A chant performed inside the maneaba (meeting place),
Republic of Kiribati

The traditional songs of Micronesia are a reflection of the lifestyle of the Micronesian people. They sing of the daily events that are very much part of their existence. These include such things as fishing, toddy cutting and canoe building. Also, there are the beautiful traditional love songs composed according to strict procedures by those people who are recognized as having the necessary magic to create inspirational and meaningful love songs.

A conch shell being blown at the dawning of the new millennium
at Millennium Island, Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati

Conch shell being blown at the opening of the
new Kiribati Parliament House, 14th October, 2000

The information contained on this Web site is to accompany and introduce an anthology of Micronesian music. This anthology contains over forty traditional and contemporary chants and songs from Micronesia and will shortly be featured as a special program on Micronesia Music Radio.



Some of the material presented include:


Te Kamei - standing dance
Te Bino - sitting dance
Te Katake Chant
Toddy Cutting Songs


Aeroplane Song
Jebua - Stick Dance
Presentation of Food
Beet - Folk Dance
Seamen's Dance
Micro Palm - copra boat
Kepia/Dokia - stick dance


Ordination Song
Navigators of Pulusuk
Death of Titlap - Puluwat
Navigators of Puluwat - Rellong, Puluwat
Men's Standing Dance - Lukaf, Pulap


Dances of Satawal
a) Men's Stick Dance
b) Women's Sitting Dance
c) Marhing Dance
Chants and Dances of Yap
a) Bamboo Dance
b) A Welcome Song
c) A Love Song
d) Stone Money Chant


Palauan Chant - Ngehesar, Babeldaop
Birds of Helen Reef - Hatrohobei State

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Micronesia Music Anthology

Welcome everybody to Micronesia Music Anthology which is available on

Micronesia Music Radio

The anthology can be accessed by clicking on the 'Broadcast Schedule' after logging in to Micronesia Music Radio. This should allow you to determine when the anthology is available in your part of the world. For example, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia, the anthology is available at 12 noon each Saturday. In Kiribati, the anthology is available each Saturday afternoon at 2 pm; California at 7 pm each Friday evening; New York at 10 pm each Friday evening, along with Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, etc.

The anthology runs for 90 minutes in which the traditional chants are introduced, including many from Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Chuuk, Yap, Palau, Kosrae, etc. followed by beautiful traditional and contemporary songs of Micronesia. Thank you!

The schedule can also be accessed here

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