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Map of Palau

The following are a collection of contemporary images from beautiful Palau

Beach of Ulimang in Ngaraard, Palau

Belauan (Palauan) saltwater crocodile

Palau's Crocodile Dundee!!

Pauline Eberdong
Photos: Courtesy of Belauan (Palauan) lady, Pauline Eberdong

Betelnut trees of Palau

Chelechol Ra Ulimang

East Coast Reef, Ngaraard, Palau

Koror's 'IceBox' park in Malakal

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Pacific Islands Radio Stations

Micronesia Music Anthology

Welcome everybody to Micronesia Music Anthology which is available on

Micronesia Music Radio

The anthology can be accessed by clicking on the 'Broadcast Schedule' after logging in to
Micronesia Music Radio. This should allow you to determine when the anthology is available in your part of the world. For example, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia, the anthology is available at 12 noon each Saturday. In Kiribati, the anthology is available each Saturday afternoon at 2 pm; California at 7 pm each Friday evening;
New York at 10 pm each Friday evening, along with Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, etc.

The anthology runs for 90 minutes in which the traditional chants are introduced, including many from Palau, followed by the beautiful songs of Micronesia. Thank you!

The schedule can also be accessed here

Supporting Web site to the anthology:


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