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The following selection of postcards of Tahiti cover a span of over 200 years
 and in doing so provide an insight into the beauty of Tahiti and the people of Tahiti. 

tahiti_Groupe de dance TIARE PURUTU

Tahiti dance group.

Tahiti dancers.


Bird's eye view of Papeete.

Bora Bora.

Early Tahiti scene.

Tahiti dancers.


Hotel Tahiti.


An early postcard of Marquisiens.



Moorea Hotel Bali Hai.

An old postcard of Tahiti.

Of all the British naval heroes over the centuries, perhaps the best known - with the
sole exception of Nelson - was Captain James Cook. Unlike the other naval heroes,
however, Cook was a man of peace, not war. He never commanded a ship of the line, and
it was indeed ironic that he died in "battle." Cook's voyages, between 1768 and 1779,
were voyages of discovery, and he carefully charted for the world most of the South
Pacific, as we know it today. One of the best known places Captain Cook
visited was the Island of Otaheite, known today more familiarly as Tahiti.
During the time he was there, he had a chance to observe various ceremonies,
including those involved with death. This engraving is titled
"Representation of the Body of Tee, a Chief as preserved after Death, in
Otaheite." This is one of the famous engravings published by Alexander
Hogg about two hundred years ago, depicting the Voyages of Captain Cook.
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