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What is Picosearch?
Enable your website visitors to search your own site!

No software download needed. On-line setup in minutes.

A hosted Search Engine for your web site created on-line in minutes!

The best method for helping your website's visitors find what they are looking for, right away!

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Add Search to your Site, Free Setup!!
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What people are saying about Picosearch
"(It is easy to) set up Picosearch on any website, no matter who's hosting it!"

"There's nothing worse than searching a Website for some nugget of information and coming up empty-handed. Make sure your customers find what they're looking for... Picosearch makes your entire site searchable by keyword so visitors can zoom in on what they need." -- ZDNet PC/Computing

"Unless you want your customers to wander aimlessly through your site, you'll want to add a search function. That way, customers can quickly find what interests them. PicoSearch indexes your pages and provides a link you can stick on your site." -- PC World

"Picosearch is a very easy way to get a free search engine for your site. ... easy to configure ... lots of options, even in the free version!" -- TRC

"Your service is EXACTLY what we have been looking for." -- Ed Schneider
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