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Welcome to the Fiji Northern Islands! These  include the beautiful and popular island resorts of Namare, Nukubati, Maravu Plantation, Taveuni, Matangi, Qamea and Moody's Namena as follows:

The Northern Islands are for those who seek endless miles of squeaky clean white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters for scuba diving, since beneath the waves are some of the top dive spots in the world. They also attract visitors who enjoy the feeling of remoteness from civilization and who are happy to spend days snorkelling along the reefs enjoying the diverse and colourful marine life.

There is a special allure abut the north for stressed city folk. It comes from a combination of a romantic past, an unspoiled present and a sense that one has stepped into a world where time has stood still. The history abound with stories of early 19th century adventurers who came in search of the exotic, sweet smelling sandalwood to burn before Chinese idols, or for bech-de-mer to satisfy the pallets and sexual fantasies of Asian epicures. These traders left behind a legacy of tales of shipwrecks, murderous deals, romantic love attachments and lustful encounters with the most beautiful women of Fiji.

Both the sandalwood and bech-de-mer trades died and were followed by a more permanent influx of copra planters. Their impact on the north is everywhere, no less than at the Suvusavu's Planter's Club where there are more characters per square foot than coconuts in a coconut grove. 

The two main islands of the north are Vanua Levu, Fiji's second largest island and Taveuni Island. Though only half as big as Viti Levu, Vanua Levu has good transport, a variety of scenery, warm welcoming people and few tourists. The main towns are Labasa, a small river port with a large airport and Savusavu which also has an airport. Vanua Levu was once the centre of the sandalwood trade, now its primary economy is sugar, with copra a close second followed by timber.

Off the northern shores of the island is the island of Namena which has a wild life sanctuary. The villages are numerous all the way around the island and it is here that you will experience real Fijian life.



Taveuni is known as the Garden Island, for it has an abundance of flora and is surrounded by reefs, which makes it one of the world's top dive sites. Strong currents in the strait between the two islands nurture the corals which are truly magnificent. Because Taveuni is free of the mongoose, there are many wild chickens, kula parrots and orange doves which makes it a special place for bird fanciers and bush walkers.

A breathtakingly beautiful island Taveuni has winding roads which weave through lush tropical forests, past magnificent waterfalls to suddenly reveal a sparkling white beach where yours are the only foot prints in the sand.

Hundreds of waterfalls crashed down along the coastline, their waters so clean it is said that in the days of the sailing ships, they would back up to them to refill their water tanks. One of the world's rarest flowers, the tagimaucia is found only on Taveuni, 4,000 feet above sea level on the fringes of the lake. The name means "crying tears of despair" and behind it is a legend with twist of love and a happy ending.


The resorts on Taveuni have opted for Fijian "bure" style accommodation that combines the best of local material and craft methods with stylish European comfort. Rich in natural resources, visitors have a variety of activities to choose from which includes swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving in some of the best dive spots in the world, wind surfing, sailing, game fishing, canoeing, water skiing, tennis, golf, bowls, horse riding and just ambling round on nature walks through what many believe is the "Garden of Eden".

Other sights on Taveuni are Boom Falls, one of the most well known attractions. It takes about an hour to drive there, and a ten minute walk to the falls which are sixty feet high falling into a pool where you can swim and dive off the rocks. Rainbow reef is, one of the prettiest "underwater gardens" in Fiji is excellent for snorkelling to see the multitude of fish and the occasional harmless sharks.


Vuna village at the southern end of the island played an important part in the settlement of the first European on Taveuni. The original plantations and homes of the white people were within the jurisdiction of Vuna and thus the land was either purchased or bartered from the Tui Vuna or chief of the area. Beyond Buna is Navaku village at the southern end of the island with its impressive blow hole and on the northern tip, Lavena village which sits on one of the most beautiful beaches of Taveuni. Other islands in the group are the beautiful unspoiled Matangi, Qamea, Laucala and Kaibu which depend for their livelihood on tourism and copra.



The precious gem called Namele Resort sits on the edge of the Koro Sea spread into a magical rainforest of giant ferns and waterfalls. This exclusive upmarket resort caters for only 20 guests in ten spacious bures sprinkled like jewels amongst 200 acres of tropical heaven. Located only a short one hour hop from Nadi International Airport, on the largely unpopulated and totally unspoiled island of Vanua Levu this intimate hide-away has an atmosphere of unpretentious luxury.

beach   dining

The majesty of the lounge and dining room entices guests to linger over meals and to spend time reading, playing chess or having afternoon tea. One of the most captivating things about Namale is the bure you will occupy! Each bure is charming, unique, spacious and luxurious. Each has a bedroom and sitting area with an adjoining private deck and has a dressing area connecting it to a separate bath. The Honeymoon Bures are perched on lava pinnacles overlooking the ocean, and the Tropical Bures are scattered in the beautiful rainforest gardens.


Whether looking for romance and light adventure or just uninterrupted relaxation, Namale will give you what you want and more! An extensive range of activities include tennis, croquet, volleyball, basketball, horseback riding, kayaks, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, jungle and tidepool walks and more. World class diving is also part of this Gold Palm 5 Star PADI resort which has just taken delivery of a new state-of-the-art dive boat. 

Guests savour excellent international cuisine prepared by the trained chef comprising local seafood and other delicacies to tempt the palate of all. In choosing Namale Resort for your honeymoon, anniversary, or long needed vacation break you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of, and come home relaxed and refreshed with heartwarming memories to last a lifetime.

For More Information Contact:

P.O. Box 244
Telephone: +679 850435
Facsimile: +679 850400


One of the most exclusive island retreats in the South Pacific, privately owned Nukubati (pronounced Noo-koom-ba-tee) Island is situated in a proposed World Heritage area of Fiji, just inside the Great Sea Reef.

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A low-rise gracious plantation style retreat, the island is environmentally discreet, producing its electricity from the sun and wind. With only seven luxurious beachfront bungalows, the resort is strictly limited to fourteen guests at a time and all meals, non-alcoholic drinks and activities are included in the tariff.

A staff of 30 will pamper you, and the memorable cuisine includes succulent local seafood, lovos, exotic curries and coconut desserts.


A major attraction is Fiji's newest dive location, the Great Sea Reef, reputed to be the third largest barrier reef in he world. Nukubati is the only resort with access to this superb crystalline reef which has vast walls of soft coral, gigantic staghorns and abundant reef life including manta rays and turtles.

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This means that Nukubati now offers a unique holiday experience combining the romance of the South Pacific with the very best and newest diving in Fiji.

And while there are many activities to indulge in, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, tennis, or game fishing, Nukubati's specialty remains laidback luxury and romance.

For More Information Contact:

P.O. Box 1928
Telephone: +679 813901
Facsimile: +679 813914


The 'Garden Isle' of Fiji is Taveuni Lush rainforest, remote waterfalls and spectacular birdlife make it one of the most beautiful islands of Fiji. Maravu Plantation Resort is a smaller picture of Taveuni. Maravu, meaning 'calm' or 'tranquil', offers a relaxing break from a busy life. It is a refuge for individualists in search of peace and quite, an unspoilt culture and environment.

Large tropical trees and palms border the resort's white sand beach which is just a short stroll from the landscaped flowering gardens of the former coconut plantation that has been Maravu Plantation Resort since 1982. Beneath swaying palms, amidst lush, green foliage are ten guest bures (bungalows) with thatched roofs similar to traditional homes in a Fijian village. Maravu's main building, above the swimming pool, housing the reception area, restaurant and lounge was built in the traditional style of the archipelago's assembly houses with open walls and a coconut thatched roof rising high to form steep gables.


From the main building, a steep dirt track takes you past paddocks which are home to the resort's seven horses, through overhanging bush, to the highest point of Maravu where Jochen Kiess, the owner, often takes his landcruiser. Here, at 100 metres above sea level, one can stand among the solitary coconut palms swaying in the wind and enjoy fantastic panoramic views. Behind the main building is the rainforest with the resort's private bush trails. Honeymoon Island, used for half day picnic and snorkelling trips, is easily spotted amongst a group of four islands extending off the northern tip of Taveuni.


The naturally warm and friendly staff come from villages on the island. Television, telephones and air-conditioning are never missed in the luxurious accommodation of the five deluxe, three honeymoon and two standard bures. Handwoven pandanus mats decorate the dark, polished timber of the floors. Guests sleep under a ceiling fan on a queen-size bed covered by a white canopy.

There are locally made handicrafts and paintings decorating the mat and timber panellings. Comfortable bathrooms are standard, as is the main bar and coffee/tea making facilities. The honeymoon bures have an outside shower next to a private sun deck, fully enclosed by thick bamboo walls.

Wherever one looks, flowers are spread out on every surface of the bures, the lounge and reception areas and the restaurant. The fruit and flower gardens of Maravu offer an abundance of fresh supply each day. Even the kitchen garnishes every dish with a flower or leaf almost as tempting as the dish itself. Kai and Nika, the native chefs, serve food which is a delight to any gourmet. The French Mediterranean style cooking is as superb as the Indian, Creole and Fijian dishes. As if the food and wine are not enough, the resort's band boys complete an evening several times a week. Guitars and ukulele complement the harmony of the local voices and all are welcome to sit with the boys, have some kava (a local non-alcoholic drink) and even join in the singing.

One is never short of activities at Maravu. At the resort itself are the bush walk and horseback riding, guided tours of the plantation, snorkelling and guided low tide reef walks. Mountain bikes are available for travelling short or long distances around the island. Guided 4WD tours take you shopping near Somosomo and to a series of natural waterslides that really cool you down or to the top of Des Veoux Peak (1200 metres above sea level) with its view of Lake Tagimoucia. They can also take you on an early morning bird watching trip with sightings of the rare Orange Dove to a series of three waterfalls at Bouma Forest Park, or to Lavena Village and a magical coastal walk culminating with a swim through an old lava tube to a double waterfall.

The resort's ten metre yacht can take you to the out islands of Qamea and Yanuca for snorkelling and village visits. Diving fans will come across some of the world's most breathtaking underwater paradises at the Rainbow Reef and its famous Great White Wall with Maravu's Dive operation.

 For More Information Contact:


Matei Postal Agency
Telephone: +679 990555
Facsimile: +679 880600


Dive Taveuni offers the ultimate tropical island experience ... romantic, luxurious accommodation, candlelit gourmet island dining, and smiling friendly people. It is intimate and relaxed, delighting the honeymooner, diver and island lover alike.

Dive Taveuni, owned and operated by Ric and Do Cammick, is nestled amongst acres of tropical gardens. The clifftop resort overlooks the dramatic Somosomo Straits and the waters of the Straits lap the resort's white sand beaches.

Spectacular views are experienced from every corner of the resort and guests can also enjoy the stunning sunset view from the resort's unique clifftop pool.

The six modern hexagonal bures (homes) accommodate up to 12 guests in unsurpassed luxury and are built of native Taveuni wood. They are stylishly decorated with cool tiles, native floral arrangements and water colour paintings. There are king sized beds, comfortable furniture, mini bar, refrigerator and private romantic outdoor courtyard showers with unlimited hot water.

One of the two special honeymoon bures is built on the cliff edge where the resort, the reef and the garden romantically mingle. Both honeymoon bures offer enchantment and privacy.

In keeping with the ambience of the resort, dining is intimate and charming on The Deck. Gourmet chefs prepare Fijian and continental dishes garnished with organically grown salads, herbs and vegetables. All meals are included in the duly tariff with beer, wine and cocktails extra.


The reefs of the Somosomo Straits off the coast of Taveuni attract divers from all over the world. They come to experience the spectacular soft corals of the world famous Rainbow Reef that stretches between Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

Ric and Do Cammick discovered and pioneered living in the straits and Dive Taveuni offers excellence in scuba diving services for both novice and experienced divers. Highly trained professional guides will help you experience more than 25 unforgettable dive sites. Legendary world class sites such as The Great White Wall, The Cabbage Patch, Blue Ribbon Eel Reef, The Pinnacle, and The Ledge are easily accessed in Dive Taveuni's forty foot custom designed catamaran.

Not only is Dive Taveuni Resort perfectly situated for discerning divers, but the resort allows ideal access to the islands' magnificent rainforest walks, cascading waterfalls and crystal river pools.

tavsunset.jpg (11557 bytes)

Watching the sunset and relaxing over cocktails on The Deck after diving, beachcombing, or a rainforest walk, it is easy to understand why Dive Taveuni Resort gained awards two years in a row by Readers Choice as one of the top five, and then one of the top two resorts in the Pacific.  

For More Information Contact:


P.O. Matei
Taveuni Island
Telephone: +679 880441
Facsimile: +679 880466


Fast becoming a sought-after honeymoon destination, Matangi Island is a privately owned island located six miles off the coast of Taveuni. An affordable escape laced with the romance of the tropics, Matangi Island Resort is the perfect playground for lovers.]

Matangi Island

Forming a horseshoe shape around an extinct volcanic crater, with a dramatic elevation, Matangi offers secluded beaches, spectacular tropical gardens and vast turquoise waters. When you arrive at Taveuni airport you are met by the resort's mini-bus which transports you to the boat landing. From there it's a pleasant 20 minute water taxi ride to Matangi Island.


The resort consists of ten beautifully appointed fun-cooled bungalows with queen-size beds and lounge areas, private bathroom facilities, a covered verandah with lounge chairs, mini bar, and tea/coffee making facilities. Included in your stay is complimentary laundry service. There is also a nightly turn down service with mosquito netting.

The Treehouse bures have been created for couples. Built off the ground around trees, the Treehouse bures offer superb views across the Tasman Straits to the Islands of Qamea, Taveuni and Vanua Levu.

While relaxing on the powdery white beaches or shady private patios is always tempting, there is no shortage of activities on offer. Rainforest hikes, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, and of course swimming are among the most popular. If all that activity leaves you with sore muscles you can book in for a soothing Fijian style massage.

matboats.jpg (16148 bytes)

All meals and snacks are included in your meal plan, and special dietary requirements are easily catered for upon request. The local culture and tradition can be experienced with the weekly meke, an entertaining evening of Fijian song and  dance, fine food and drink, both local and international.

For those in search of a quiet escape, an island adventure, or a custom-designed wedding, a sumptuous taste of paradise awaits.

For More Information Contact:

P.O. Box 83
Waiyevo, Taveuni
Telephone +679 880260
Facsimile +6798 880274


Matangi Island Resort


The jewel of the Northern Islands of Fiji, Qamea is an incredibly beautiful island of lush green hills and totally unspoiled white sandy beaches.

Qamea Beach Club Resort is a small, intimate facility with only 11 ocean font bures. Located on 17 hectares of Qamea's leeward (western) side, the resort has more than half a kilometre of beach for the exclusive use of its guests.

The bures are spacious, boast impeccably beautiful wood floors and are furnished with one king-size or two double beds. They have a sitting area, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities, ceiling fan and large verandah with lounge chairs and hammock.

A dramatic 15 metre high chief-style bure serves as the bar and main dining room. Here, specialties include world class island dishes, seafood and continental cuisine supplemented by a wide selection of the world's finest wines.

Each evening, the bar becomes the social centre of the resort and Fijians entertain with local songs to the accompaniment of ukuleles and guitars. As the evening wears on guests whoa re ready to try the traditional local brew, are invited to join the band with a cup of kava.


Qamea offers the choice - excitement or relaxation and does not charge for use of snorkelling equipment, sailing boards, hobie cats and outrigger paddle boat. It has been nominagt4d by Rodale's Scuba Dive Magazine as one of the "Ten Best Snorkelling Reefs". The scuba diving is equally famous with more than 20 excellent dives for novices through to experts within a short boat ride of the resort. The resort offers scuba course through to dive master level, has three local divemasters on hand and  offers full equipment rental.

qaboat.jpg (24701 bytes)

Opportunities for relaxing include the comfortable hammock on the verandah of each bure, a deck chair by the beautiful freshwater, stone swimming pool and of course the beach.

Qamea's friendly Fijian staff are always happy to take guests fishing, crabbing, hiking or even home to their own village for a visit. It is this personal touch from the staff which brings visitors back to Qamea time and time again.

As with most of Fiji's exclusive island resorts, Qamea has a policy of no small children, only accepting young adults over the age of 13 years.

  For More Information Contact:

Post Office, Taveuni
Telephone: +679 880220
Facsimile: +679 880092


With very little of this dramatically beautiful dragon shaped private island touched by development, Namenalala Island is truly an environmentalist's utopia.

The land and sea are natural breeding grounds for numerous species including birds, hawksbill and green turtles and giant clams. The 230 kilometre pristine Namena Barrier Reef which encircles the island is home to more than a hundred varieties of multi-hued corals and an almost limitless array of fish.


Only twelve people of any one time are invited to share this tropical wonderland which embraces Moody's Namena Resort. Guests are housed in six bures scattered along the spectacular cliffs or beaches. Finely crafted of hardwood and woven bamboo in a unique hexagonal design with wrap-around decks, each bure has 180 degree views. Hot water and 24 hour lights are powered by propane gas or solar, so you will be lulled to sleep by the ocean rather than humming generators.

Meals, served buffet or family style in the vaulted hexagonal common room, are a medley of South Pacific and international cuisine and provide an opportunity to mingle with the other guests. Afterwards, you can join an impromptu Fijian sing-song, or share a bowl of kava with the native staff.

Access to Moody's Namena is by seaplane from Nadi or via scheduled flight to Savusavu with boast transfer to the island Owners, Tom and Joan Moody, are committed to safeguarding the nature and peaceful disposition with which Namenalala is blessed.

For More Information Contact:


Namenalala Island
Private Mail Bags
Telephone: +679 813764
Facsimile: +679 8123266

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