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The countries of Oceania contain a fascinating tapestry of images and colours that represent the multiplicity of cultures and beliefs of our Oceanic people. I have reproduced below a fascinating cross section of images from diverse parts of Oceania. I do hope that you derive enjoyment from viewing them.

A Spirit House, Haus Tambaran, on the Chambri Lake,
Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea

Beach house, Vaitupu Island, Tuvalu

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Lady in traditional costume, Papua New Guinea


Ala Moana, Hawaii

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Cooling off after a painful tattoo session on
Savai'i Island, Western Samoa

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Samoan women from a postcard, 1897

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Samoan Fire Dance

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Kaibola School, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea,
 on National Day, when traditional dress is worn

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Communication Satellite Launch from a mobile platform,
near Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Republic of Kiribati, 29th July 2000 

Kaibola dancers, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea

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Kiribati dancers,  first to welcome Year 2000
at Millennium Island, Republic of Kiribati

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Papua New Guinea child

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Watching television, Yap,
Federated States of Micronesia

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Tongan dancers carry a large tapa cloth
in a Royal Wedding procession

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Robert Louis Stevenson (c) with family and servants
on the steps of his house at Vailima, Samoa

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A central roof support in the Spirit House of Kanganaman,
Sepik River, Papua New Guinea. The carving represents an ancestor spirit.

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