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Featured Articles

The latest from Search Engine Guide's contributing authors.

Q & A With Become CTO Yeogirl Yun
by Jason Dowdell - AIR evaluates a web page based on what other "knowledgeable" sites in that specific field say about the page, and also evaluates the page based on what the page says about other "knowledgeable" sites in the specific field."

Successful Website Marketing Needs More Than Great Search Listings
by Scottie Claiborne - In order for search marketing to be an effective marketing strategy, people have to look for what you sell. This seems to be an obvious statement, but it's surprising how many business owners overlook this detail.

Search Marketing Techniques, Deceptive Advertising Laws & Other Laws
by Alan Perkins - Techniques that may have required little thought or drawn little attention in the past, when the search marketing industry was smaller and less formalised, are not appropriate for a larger, more formal industry.

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Link Building - The Waiting Game
by Daria Goetsch - It takes time for the search engine robots to find those new links and index the pages they are linked to.

MSN's New Beta Shopping Search Engine
by Bill Hartzer - MSN is quietly beta testing a new shopping search engine which some say will rival Froogle, Google's shopping search engine. Apparently the new beta site rolled out about a month ago.

The Budget Webmaster’s 6 Step Guide to Improving Existing Rankings in Google
by Tinu Abayomi-Paul - If you got ranked for a keyword you wanted At All, the game’s not over yet. If your site’s content is geared towards that subject, you can get your ranking in search engines increased, at no cost. How?

Amazon's A9 Offers Unique Local Search Experience
by Jennifer Laycock - Rather than simply offering a standard phone number and map enabled address listing, A9 is able to rely on Amazon's massive community of users and existing content platform to generate unique localized information.

User Experience and Search Engines: If Your Home Page Could Only Talk
by Kim Krause Berg - I can’t tell you how glad I am that you found my website. You have no idea the great lengths we’ve gone to get you here, let alone what we’re about to do to keep you on this web site.

Corporate SEO Preparation
by Jim Heger - Large companies are just now starting to recognize the wisdom behind a full spectrum approach to search engine marketing and the marching orders seem to have gone out to the marketing divisions.

MSN Introduces New adCenter Paid Search Solution
by Jennifer Laycock - One of the potentially unique aspects of Microsoft's paid search program is its ability to offer more specific targeting of the ads. Through the use of IP data and its own database of personal user information, Microsoft could take keyword based advertising to the next level.

Popular Search Marketing Myths Debunked
by Jennifer Laycock - There are a few myths that seem to continue to be spread and that often pop up among small business owners that are trying to get enough of a grasp on search marketing to hire a professional to help them with their site.

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer
by Scottie Claiborne - Do-it-yourself SEO is a great way to go- if you've got the time to put in, anyone can effectively optimize a website. However, it makes sense to hire a professional when your time is better spent doing what you do best; running your business.

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Small Business Forum

The latest from the Small Business Ideas Forum

Refer a Friend Ideas
"I want to develop an easy to use and easy to track program for refer a friend - and provide some benefit to the person referring a friend. ...Thoughts, comments, suggestions?"

File, Print FedEx Kinko's
"I had a meeting where I was giving a presentation, was running late and didn't have time to wait for the notes to print on my home computer. So I used this software and picked my printed notes up at the FedEx Kinko's on my way to the meeting. Apparently you can also have the printed documents FedEx'ed to you..."

Three Keys to Better Viral Marketing
"You don't need to be a PR genius to get published. Here's the easy way to online publishing success..."

Google PPC Help
"I've set up my account and searched for keywords relating to my product. I haven't yet received any clicks and it's been on two days now. Some of the keywords it says I'm in the 3rd or 4th position. So how do I get PPC to work?"

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