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 Used by more than 100,000 websites!   Get FreeFind for your website today. 


Let your visitors Search Your Website
Add a site search engine to your website today.
Get your search engine for free, or select an ad-free professional version.

Advanced site search and navigation technology can be added to your website in minutes. You'll get high speed, high availability, hosted search technology from the company that pioneered the field. There's nothing to download or install. It's free and easy.


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    No fixed page limit
    Daily re-indexing
    Complete customization
    Reports track visitors' searches
    Phrase matching (3 types)
    Simple or boolean searching
    Multiple starting points
    Professional version

    Redundant search servers
    Hardware load balancing
    Lightning-fast searches
    High availability
    Dedicated NOC
    Multihomed network

    Proven technology -- used by over 100,000 websites
    Full templating -- give the results the look and feel of your site
    Adjustable relevance scoring -- tune the results for your site
    Flexible searching -- use simple searching or advanced boolean expressions
    Phrase matching -- choose from exact phrase, near phrase or far phrase
    Scheduled re-indexing -- have your site re-indexed as often as daily
    Manual re-indexing -- anytime you want it
    PDF indexing -- include your PDF files in your search results
    Automatic site map -- generate site maps in three customizable styles
    Language support -- works with many different languages
    Search subsections -- visitors can search all of your site or a subsection
    Frame support -- flexible handling of framed sites
    Free optional web search -- search your site, the web, or both
    Automatic what's new list -- keep your repeat visitors up-to-date
    Adjustable indexing speed -- select to match your server speed
    Complete indexing logs -- your current and prior logs are available online
    Password authentication -- index password protected areas of your site
    Fully hosted -- all website search engines run on our servers
    Data search -- database style searching without a database
    Professional version -- with unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee
    No FreeFind branding -- no advertising or FreeFind logo in pro version*
    Private domain labeling -- i.e. in address bar *
    Parallel indexing -- index using multiple simultaneous connections *
     All features are available in the free version except those marked with "*"

Just enter your web site address in the form above and you'll have website search and navigation engines in less than ten minutes. There is no software or "CGI" to download or install on your server. All search engine software is hosted on our servers. It's easy and you can do it today!

See site search engine features for screen shots and a detailed description.

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