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Irian Jaya (Papua) Tribal Art

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Irian Jaya is a very old civilisation with carbon dating of remnants found on camp sites suggesting human habitation for the last 25,000 years. It also has some of the most developed and beautiful tribal art in Oceania, some examples of which are below:

A woven vest used as protection against arrows and spears.


Examples of the traditional intricately-carved tribal art of Irian Jaya.


Front and back views of an old Asmat woven jipae costume.

Close-up view of the face of the costume.

Old Irian Jaya carving.

Woven Orchid Fibre Vest, Irian Jaya.

 Woven carry-all, Dani Tribe, Irian Jaya.

Asmat Ancestor Sculptures.

This unique Fly swat comes from the Asmat Tribe and it is unusual due
to the fact that the handle is made out of the Cassowary Bird's leg bone,
and the swat portion is actually the Cassowary Bird's feathers. The
two pieces are secured with woven fabric and wire.

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