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This is one of the Northern Mariana Group stretching northwards from Guam and it competes with Guam for the hordes of Japanese tourists who flock to its shores. It has the distinction of being the fastest growing island in Micronesia with golf courses and resorts popping up everywhere.

Held by the Japanese during World War 2, Saipan today is a modern, clean and thriving community comprising several villages that are more like small towns. Nearly all its northern, southern and eastern beaches are protected by a fringing coral barrier reef, while its easterly side takes the brunt of the storm seas with towering cliffs and rugged rocks.

WWII American tank on the lagoon, Saipan

There are remnants and remembrances of the war all over the island and ceremonies are held often by survivors and families of both sides. The caves of Saipan still contain the remains of Japanese troupes who held out during prolonged guerrilla warfare. As late as 1952, a few stragglers surrendered, unaware that the war had ended.

History records that the French Consul in 1938 sent a telegram to the U.S. State Department advising that aviatrix Amelia Earhart was a prisoner of the Japanese in Saipan. The locals still insists that she died in captivity and buried on the island.


Saipan boys

A former trust territory of the U.S., Saipan enjoys U.S. Commonwealth status and its people are U.S. citizens. Considered to have the best beach areas in Micronesia, there is native dancing, nightclubs, bars, several discos, fine international cuisine, modern shopping malls and plenty of duty free shopping. The island also boasts modern technological communication, and plenty of recreational facilities including five 18-hole golf courses.   

Saipan is more highly developed as a tourist resort than Pohnpei, Chuuk or Palau and English is spoken as is Chamorro and Carolinean. While in Saipan, see the lagoon from one of the glass-bottom boats.  Visit the last command post of the Japanese Imperial army with its mounted cannon, tanks and other relics. On land, visit Suicide Cliff where hundreds of Japanese jumped to their deaths, Bonzai Cliff with its spectacular view and also the old Japanese jail where Amelia Earhart was thought to have been held prisoner.


Divers will delight in the sunken wrecks from World War 2 nestled in the expanse of lagoon waters around Managaha Island, just two miles from Saipan’s Charlie Dock. Visibility under water of 50 metres allow divers to see a fascinating array of wrecks including aeroplanes, submarines, tanks and ships still in the mint condition.  If you have time, visit the Blue Grotto, an ocean cave where the sun shines through an underwater wall and lights up the sea. 

For more information:

P.O. Box 861
Telephone: +1 670 6643200
Facsimile: +1 670 6643237


White sand that stretches for miles into the distance, a sparkling blue sea that beckons bathers to explore its aquatic realms, and a perpetually smiling sun are guaranteed when you spend your holiday at Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel.

On the tropical island of Saipan, this all-suite hotel is conveniently located on the Ocean’s doorstep in Chalan Kanoa. When you step out of your impeccable suite, and into the magical Micronesian sunshine, you will discover a pristine and uncrowded beach protected by fringing coral reefs.


There are 68 one, two, three bedroom and penthouse suites all of which are air-conditioned with full kitchen and luxurious furnishings. Suite includes double balconies, in-room movies, colour TV, telephone, ironing board, dyer, and in-room safe. Hotel amenities include complimentary parking, rooftop sundeck, barbecue and entertainment area and breakfast program.

In the mornings, you can prepare tropical breakfasts of succulent fruits and enjoy them on your private ocean view balcony. By day, you will find entertainment in gold, scuba diving, snorkelling, sports fishing, windsurfing and sky diving. By night, you can stroll the length of the moonlit beach with nothing but the sound of gently lapping water to distract your thoughts.

The Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel offers brand new accommodation in a prime location.


Mailing: P.O.Box 167
Telephone: +1 670 2356025
Facsimile: +1 670 2358098

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