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The postcards on this site are both historical and modern
and provide a short glimpse of the magic of the islands and the people of Oceania.

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Kava Bowl, Samoa.

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Early Stamps 1921

png_canoe_1895.jpg (16522 bytes)

Papua New Guinea Canoe. c 1895.

fiji_mask.jpg (23554 bytes)

Swords and Mask, Fiji.

Early Postcards of Samoan Ladies.

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newheb12.jpg (26230 bytes)

Traditional Dance, Vanuatu.

french_polynesia_stamps.jpg (40056 bytes)

samoa_tapa_painting.jpg (41037 bytes)

Tapa Painting, Samoa.

png_1895-banana_plantation.jpg (26483 bytes)

Papua New Guinea Banana Plantation c.1895.

tahiti_cook_hitahiti.jpg (117450 bytes)

An engraving of Hitahiti and his wife and sisters visiting
Captain Cook on board the Resolution at Tahiti.

tahiti_postcard1.jpg (26514 bytes)

tahiti_postcard2.jpg (25671 bytes)

Postcard from Moreea, Tahiti.

french_polynesia_stamps1.jpg (31286 bytes)

Scenic Stamps from French Polynesia.

samoa_making_copra.jpg (81738 bytes)

Making Copra, Samoa.

tonga_1935.jpg (54506 bytes)

Tin Can Mail, Niuafoou Island, Tonga (Note "Toga" on the stamps).

tahiti_papeete_maxicards.jpg (52375 bytes)

Papeete, Tahiti, Maxicard Collection.

samoa_war_club.jpg (23514 bytes)

Samoan war club.

tahiti_moorea_1910.jpg (44566 bytes)

Postcard from Moorea, Tahiti, 1910.

kiribati_christmas.jpg (16731 bytes)

Christmas Island, Kiribati, First Day Cover.

tuvalu_fdc.jpg (23038 bytes)

Samoa_FuneralofGovernor_1920.gif (89464 bytes)

The funeral for the Governor of Samoa, November, 1920.

tokelau_stamp_scene.jpg (65838 bytes)

samoa_liebig_card_set_1902.jpg (115660 bytes)

Samoa Liebig Card Set, 1902.

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