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The Kingdom of Tonga is made up of a group of 170 islands, 45 of which are inhabited. They form a necklace just west of the International Dateline. The main island of Tongatapu in the south is the home of the Kingdom's capital, Nuku'alofa. North lies the Ha'apai group, a chain of low lying atolls surrounded by clear turquoise waters. Beyond Ha'apai lies the Vava'u group, a paradise of lush tropical landscapes, a deep water harbour, rock islands and limestone caves.

The following postcards from Tonga give an insight into the beauty and the beings that are part of both historical and modern Tonga.

Queen Salote of Tonga.

The King of Tonga and two of his ministers.

An early view of the palace of the King of Tonga.

An 1844 engraving of a Tongan warrior.

Woven Tongan basket.

An early postcard of a Tongan village.

A Tongan Island taxi.

An early Tongan postcard of Vava'u Harbour.

Tongan QSO card.

Tongan Rugby Program.

An etching of Tongan dancers
at the time of Captain Cook's visit.

An etching of the King of Tonga
at the time of Captain Cook's visit.
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