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Clifford (Pete) McFarland was stationed on Nanumea, Tuvalu, during World War 2. During this time he compiled an extensive photographic record, which has been kindly entrusted to me by his son-in-law, Joe Spence and his wife (Clifford's daughter), Sue Spence, to share with everybody on the Internet.

The following is the first part, in a series of Web sites, dedicated to the memory of Clifford McFarland who sadly passed away in 1978. These pictures are presented without captions and, certainly, World War 2 veterans who served on Nanumea with Clifford during that time, as well as people from Nanumea, Tuvalu, are most welcome to make available some suitable captions. 

On behalf of Tuvalu, and especially the people of Nanumea, along with the veterans who served on Nanumea during World War 2, I would like to take this opportunity of sincerely thanking Joe and Sue Spence for making available and sharing with us, this rare collection of very important historical World War 2 images of Nanumea, Tuvalu.

Jane Resture




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