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Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati canoes line the shore of
 South Tarawa lagoon before the start of a race.

Opening of Kiribati new Parliament House, 2000

Male dancers at sunset, Bairiki, South Tarawa

Kiribati girls performing te buki on Tarawa

Tarawa is not a single town but a group of islets surrounded by a coral atoll, and apart from the south where causeways link the islets, one will need a boat to navigate around the main features.


The International Airport is on Bonriki in the southeast corner; the main hospital, Nawerewere, is located at Bikenibeu. The central Government offices, Parliament building, President's Office and Resident, Central Post Office, Telecommunications Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL), Library and Archives, and various other official buildings, including the Air Kiribati Travel Agency are all on Bairiki islet. Betio islet, probably the most popular in Kiribati, has the port, shipyard and main power station, and it is where you'll go if you need to cool your heels overnight in jail! Betio also has a large number of War relics (World War 2), after fierce fighting during a major marine assault in 1943 (the Battle of Tarawa). On Ambo islet, the "greens" of the Golf Course are rolled sands.

Lagoon at low tide and village scene, South Tarawa

Immaculate Heart College, a co-educational college administered by the
Roman Catholic Church, is located at Taborio, North Tarawa.

Left: Dormitory for girls. Right: Maneaba - meeting house for girls

Immaculate Heart College -
Winning students at inter-schools choir/dancing competition

Tarawa is one of the most densely populated areas in the Pacific, and it is estimated that by the year 2010, it could have a similar population density to Hong Kong!

Relics of World War 2 on Betio islet, South Tarawa

kiribati mware kiribati mware

kiribati mware kiribati mware

Telecommunications Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL) champion dancers

ambo lagoon club

Ambo lagoon club, South Tarawa

Left: A causeway at South Tarawa. Right: Village on the lagoon, Tarawa.

kiribati mware

tarawa sunset

The rare beauty of Tarawa sunset with a glorious full moon!

Tarawa atoll

Aerial view of part of Tarawa atoll

sunset scene





sunset scene

Double storey house on the lagoon, Tarawa

parliament house

Old parliament house, Bairiki, Tarawa

children dancing

Children dancing in Roman Catholic Church,
Teaoraereke, Tarawa.

Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic church, Teaoraereke, Tarawa



Kiribati dancers at the opening of Parliament House,
Bairiki, Tarawa

The future generation

The future generation admire the sunset, Tarawa


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