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The following collection of modern and historical images of the islands of the Torres Strait are a fascinating record of many of the complex and diversified aspects that go to make up these beautiful islands.  In particular, they allow one to appreciate the beauty and the intensity of the cultural background of the indigenous people of the Torres Strait Islands.

canoe.jpg (24731 bytes)

Fishing canoe

dancer.jpg (26934 bytes)

Traditional Torres Strait dance

island.jpg (13667 bytes)

Islet of the Torres Strait

palms.jpg (40423 bytes)

Thursday Island view


view.jpg (17097 bytes)

Looking south from Thursday Island towards the Australian mainland with mangrove swamps in the distance.


Early image of pearling boats, Thursday Island

wharf.jpg (26043 bytes)

Derelict wharf, Thursday Island

wreck.jpg (26595 bytes)

Rotting hulk off Thursday Island


thursday_island.jpg (51914 bytes)

Historical postcard of the mission school on Thursday Island

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