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Sea Fishing rigs website is dedicated to bringing descriptions, illustrations and advice to sea fishing enthusiasts. Within this site are links to fishing rigs that we manufacture and distribute all over the UK.



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Welcome to Sea Fishing Rigs, the one stop site for purchasing quality sea fishing rigs for all types of fishing. From our menu on the left you can see we have a substantial number of fishing rigs which can be purchased at very reasonable prices. The rigs are made from the best and most reliable components, in order so that fish of a lifetime, whether a 20lb cod or bass takes your bait. We also manufacture specific fishing rigs for those anglers who prefer the match fishing picking up smaller species such as plaice, flounder, whiting, etc.


About us - Our team is made up of dedicated group of sea anglers with over 170 yrs of fishing experience between them. Please feel free to contact us with any queries, such as fishing rig design/hook size. We can also make specialized sea fishing rigs with your preferences for orders of 5 rigs or more - just send details of hook length and sizes, clipped or unclipped, and braking strain of line.


Latest News Website is under upgrade, new fishing rigs are being added all the time due to our newsletter subscribers request Please keep request coming in, thanks!

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