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Deer and wildlife food plots

Tired of Your Food Plots Freezing Out After Only a Year or Two? Try Frigid Forage, Developed, Grown and Produced in our Nation's Ice Box!

Deer and wildlife food plots

Sun Rich Farm has been a large producer of deer food plots and other wildlife food plots since 1987. In our 17 years of experience, we have developed premium wildlife feeds that deer and upland game cannot resist. Our food plot seed and extensive line of deer and wildlife forage not only help produce monster bucks, also produce healthier deer herds. At the same time our food plot forage seed blends attract and hold the deer and wildlife game on your land. Ruffed grouse and turkeys are especially fond of our clover blends. If the food plots are planted and maintained properly, these hardy, perennial blends are guaranteed to continue providing larger deer, healthier game, and expanded wildlife and deer hunting opportunities for years to come.

Plant Your Own Food Plots and Attract Deer and Many Varieties of Wildlife Game to Your Own Land

Deer and wildlife food plots
All Our Food Plot Seed was Developed and is Grown in the Far North where winter is REAL WINTER!*
Deer and wildlife food plots

Sun Rich Farm is located in northern Minnesota , just across the border from the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba , Canada . We are not located in the Deep South or on the Gulf Coast like many of the other food plot competitors. We know what works in the cold forbidding climate of the northern latitudes of the U.S. and Canada . Our perennial food plot forages are very frost resistant and will survive the cold winters and hot summers, which are characteristic of these northern latitudes.

Because we develop our wildlife deer feeds for the harshest weather conditions, they are supreme in any climate. At Sun Rich Farms, we believe that our food plot forages are the most hardy, weather tolerant food plots you will find anywhere for attracting deer and wildlife game. See for yourself and we are confident you will believe the same!

*Except for Australian and New Zealand imports, all of our perennial food plot seed originates from northern Minnesota or Canada.

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