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Great Fishing Tackle at Discount Prices!

When it comes to fishing tackle, we’re all looking for two things – high quality and low prices. Needing new tackle comes with the territory when you fish regularly. Your rod and reel, lures, tackle box and other fishing gear are destined to wear out or get lost. There’s no way around it.

There are a lot of websites selling tackle. It can quickly become a confusing process. We've developed this site specifically to make the experience of shopping for new fishing equipment - lures, rods, reels, fish finders, and all the rest - much easier. Whether you're into bass fishing, crappie, trout, or any other species, you'll find recommendations for specific tackle right here.

Most tackle is broken down into categories based on three broad types of angling: freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing.  Within each category, the variations in gear may seem confusing, but they're really not.

Experienced anglers already know which types of tackle are best suited for their needs. If you're new to fishing, get suggestions from your family and friends who are more experienced.

The best advice is to start with tackle that is inexpensive and easy to operate. When you've got your "sea legs" and know for sure if fishing is a sport you want to continue, you can move up to more advanced tackle that's made for specific types of angling, like bass fishing, which is the #1 type of angling in America.

Tackle Specials


Cox Lures Squidy Mangler

Price: 2.99

Daimon Lures Pro Series Shad Head Jig

Price: 3.49

Go-Get-It Lure Retriever

Price: 24.95

Lunker Lure Fin-S Fish

Price: 3.09

Heddon Lure for a Cure

Price: 12.55

Lunker Lure Triple Rattleback Monster Grass Jig

Price: 2.59

Lunker Lure Triple Rattleback Flipping Jig

Price: 2.59

Lunker Lure Ultimate RattlinÆ Jig

Price: 2.59

>> More Lures...


All Star Titanium Casting Rods

Price: 199.99

Crowder Shoreline Series Rods

Price: 79.99

G. Loomis Saltwater Popping Rods

Price: 130.00

Kistler Spinnerbait Series Rods

Price: 129.99

Scott A2 Fly Rods

Price: 245.00

Shimano Talora Trolling Series Rods

Price: 59.99

All Star T Series Casting Rods

Price: 139.99

Temple Fork TiCr Fly Rods

Price: 199.95

>> More Rods...


Abel Anodized Camo Creek Fly Reels

Price: 350.00

Penn Long Beach Reels

Price: 74.99

Penn International Reels

Price: 449.99

Scientific Anglers System 2 Fly Reels

Price: 145.00

Scientific Anglers System 1 Fly Reels

Price: 64.95

Penn Spinfisher SS Spinning Reels

Price: 74.99

Shimano Calcutta TE DC (Digital Control) Baitcast Reels

Price: 499.99

Ross Rhythm Fly Reels

Price: 180.00

>> More Reels...

Fish Finders

Lowrance LMS-320 Fish Finder

Price: 579.99

Humminbird Fishfinder 535

Price: 157.99

Garmin Fishfinder 320C

Price: 639.99

Lowrance iFINDER Plus

Price: 218.99

Eagle CUDA 168 Fishfinder

Price: 119.99

Eagle Cuda 128 & 128 Portable Fishfinders

Price: 97.99

Eagle FishElite 320 Fishfinder

Price: 499.99

Eagle FishMark 320 Fishfinder

Price: 184.99

>> More Fish Finders...

Online Fishing Tackle Shops

You have many options for buying quality tackle online. We highly recommend the following merchants. Each offers a wide range of popular, high quality lures, rods, reels, and other fishing gear for bass fishing and other freshwater and saltwater angling.

Not only do we want to help you find quality fishing tackle at competitive prices, we also want to help you become a more successful fisherman. To that end, check out the following fishing articles and tips. We hope you’ll find them helpful!

Fishing Articles & Tips

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